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Grand Cru - Tan Accelerator with Ultra-Light Formula

Grand Cru - Tan Accelerator with Ultra-Light Formula

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Grand Cru is an accelerator sunbed cream that boosts the efficiency of the tanning process and intensifies the dark tone of your skin. Natural quickly-absorbing ingredients stimulate the production of melanin in your skin and produce the perfect tan.

Why should you choose our accelerator cream?

  • Sunkissed result. This tan enhancer features a blend of Tyrosine to boost melanin production in your skin and accelerate the natural tanning process while increasing tanning effectiveness. 
  • Ultra-light formula. This fast-absorbing sunbed cream is stain-free and streak-free, so you don't have to worry about any imperfections and any orange tones after using this tanning bed accelerator.
  • Long-lasting tan. Natural ingredients in this sun tan accelerator without bronzer moisturise the skin, which has a positive effect on tan durability. Moreover, the optimum level of moisturising protects the colour and luster of your tattoos.
  • Youthful-looking skin. Our tanning cream for sunbeams works as an anti-aging protector. Avocado Oil delays signs of aging, Almond Oil protects against skin damage, and Aloe Vera vitalises and soothes irritations.

Volume: 200 ml

Fragrance: Eden Delight (red fruits, caramel, sandal).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Hohe Zufriedenheit

Sehr gute Creme, riecht angenehm für Frau und Mann. Zieht schnell ein. Die Haut fühlt sich lange weich und geschmeidig an.

Amazon Customer

Beautiful accelerator silky and snoith

Great profuct

It’s a really nice tanning lotion for the tanning bed ..not greasy or oily and no bronzers …very moist and and soft to apply

Elisabet R Fuentes
5 stars

5 stars smells nice and very effective.

C. West
Nice stuff

The smell. Guys. You will not smell like tanning bed after use. It’s pretty awesome. I got home and my husband goes, did you go tan? I was like you can’t smell burnt skin smell? He was like nope. So that was the feed back on that. I’ve used 2-3 times and it has helped my overall tan from the bed. Would not use unless tanning in bed. I suppose you could lay out with this product in the sun but it is for tanning bed use.