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If you are looking for the best tingle lotion, look no more! The warm tingle effect breaks the natural barrier of tanning, giving you the darkest tan you could have ever imagined! But first things first – what is tingle tanning lotion

What is tingle tanning lotion?

First of all – tingle tanning lotion makes you darker. If you want to know how tingle tanning lotion works – keep on reading. Tanning products with tingle effect warm the skin intensely and give a slight tingling sensation. Tanning lotions dilate blood vessels, stimulate microcirculation, and oxygenate the skin, which results in a more effective tanning bed session. Thanks to additional active ingredients, such as benzyl nicotinate, methyl nicotinate, or natural essential oils, the skin becomes hot and red during sunbathing. The redness subsides and it is replaced by a truly deep dark tan.

When it comes to the question: does tingle tanning lotion make you darker? Let us tell you – yes, it does! The tanning session becomes shorter and the skin color becomes more intense! The tingling and reddening effect can last up to several hours, which is completely natural. Now you know the answer to: what does tingle tanning lotion do!

You may ask if tingle tanning lotion hurts - its enhancers are made only for advanced tanners. On top of that, we wouldn’t recommend them to fair-skinned people. It leaves you with a feeling of slight tingling; it can make you a little bit itchy and red, which might last for a while until changing into an ultra dark tan. Nevertheless, it is completely safe for the skin.

Is tingle lotion better? It can be – for people looking for an extreme experience from tanning in a tanning bed. 

Top tingle lotions

We make our tanning products from superior quality ingredients, ensuring an intense tanning experience during each tanning session. We have prepared something special for novices, women, and men… Meet Magma - our strongest tingle cosmetic only for the bravest tanning users. Our tingle effect tanning cosmetics are not only an intensely warming experience but also a guarantee of a dark tan without streaks or stains after the first tanning session! An additional advantage of Onyx tingle effect tanning cosmetics is a pleasant scent that accompanies you after you leave the solarium bed and lasts long after tanning.

WARNING! Bronzers with a tingle effect, due to their warming properties, are intended only for advanced tanning bed users who are looking for additional sensations. Cosmetics for tanning in a tanning bed with tingle effect should not be used on delicate skin, especially on the face. 

Here are our best tingle tanning lotions. The strongest one - Magma, tanning lotion for men - V8 or our tanning lotion for beginners - Hot Action - which appears on the Top Tingle Tanning Lotions.

Tingle Tanning Lotions