New Year, New You! Take care of your skin before indoor tanning!


Have you already made a new year’s resolutions list?


There is something magical about the beginning of 2020, a time for a change during this time seems tobring in apower of making your life better. We look to the future with hope that we leave the bad things behind and new better opportunities await us in the upcoming months. When you think of the new year’s resolutions, you probably have in mind the most popular ones, such as going to the gym every day, getting fit, quitting smoking or taking better care of yourself. But these general ideas of being better or getting more exercises are not enough to get you to do them. When making new year’s resolutions you need to be precise and remember not to aim too high! If you fail once or twice at the start, you will discourage yourself and definitely won’t be able to continue them for the whole year. A better plan is to make small changes and slowly break the unhealthy habits.


Most of us decide also to improveour self-care to look better and feel better. One of the elements of a prettier appearance is a sun-kissed look! You may not think of it at first but remember that being tan and having that natural glow all year round is a perfect accessory to all the glamorous outfits, romantic evenings or taking selfies! Wanna bet? Check out our IG! <>


So if 2020 is a year to be tanned, keep on reading!



Safety always comes first


No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced tanner, you should always pay close attention to your safety when using sunbeds. We assume you know the contraindications to tanning and know that pregnant women, people allergic to UV light and using certain medications mustn’t tan, right?


Okay, so first of all, make sure you’re using the right tanning equipment. This means asking the staff if, basically speaking, it’s not too strong for you. Secondly, remember to adjust the time of tanning to your skin type and frequency of tanning. It’s never a good idea to spend two long sessions instead of a few shorter ones. And whenever you tan, put the protective goggles on. They should be available (fresh and clean!) in the tanning studio but in most places you can purchase them if you prefer to have a pair on your own.


Once you can put a tick next to these two points, grab a professional tanning lotion. Professional means created for indoor tanning, free from SPF and checked under the specific environment of a sunbed. Why do you need it? Indoor tanning lotions boost your sunbed sessions and help keep your skin healthy and happy. Intensifiers encourage skin to produce melanin more quickly, while bronzers help achieve deeper and darker tan. The moisturizing and skin conditioning properties of the lotions prevent dry skin, ease the absorption of the UV light during a sunbed tanning session, counteract the aging effects and promote the longevity of your desired tanning results. Still not convinced? Then have a look here:







  • Coconut Oil for proper hydration
  • Olive Oil takes care of dry skin
  • Argan Oil improves skin softness and helps fight signs of aging
  • Cupuacu Butter makes skin wonderfully nourished
  • Tea Tree Oil improves skin softness


  • Avocado oil delays signs of aging
  • Almond oil protects against skin damage
  • Panthenol retains moisture deep within the skins tissues
  • TyrosilaneTM stimulates melanin production and increases the effectiveness of the tanning process
  • Aloe vera deeply moisturizes your skin and gives it a youthful appearance


  • High-powered tan accelerating blend of Tyrosine and Tan Oleo Booster
  • Lovely skin smoothness with Macadamia Oil and Aloe
  • Tiaré Flower, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil for improved skin moisture levels
  • Feeling of skin refreshment with Lemon Grass
  • Vitamin boost (A + C + D + E + K) for a youthful appearance of your skin





  • B-Shape complex for skin’s improved appearance and reduction of body fat
  • Luxurious Black Rose extract for wonderful hydration, incredible skin softness and firmnesswith refreshing power of Orange Blossom Rain
  • Tamanu Oil, Peach and Melon extracts keep your skin perfectly hydrated



  • Younger appearance of your skin owing to Pomegranate extract
  • Silk keeps proper level of moisture in your skin
  • Sesame Oil makes your skin feel supple and soft




  • DHA + Erythrulose + Tyrosine with tan accelerating ingredients Sesame Oil, Tamanu Oil, Walnut Extract help enhance your tanning session delivering dark streak free color
  • Breakthrough Push-Up Complex helps skin appear firmer and more toned
  • Cellulite-fighting power of Coffee and Yerba Mate extracts for a smoother, younger looking skin and Vitamin E for skin’s youthful appearance




  • Blend of bronzers and enhancers (DHA, Erythrulose, Monoi Oil) will provide you with the results you demand
  • Extracts of Pomegranate and Melon help combat the signs of aging, leaving skin looking seductively smooth
  • Mystic Oil for amazing skin softness
  • Peach Extract leaves skin smooth and well-nourished






  • Hemp Seed Oil helps keep skin deeply hydrated
  • Aloe enhances skin moisture levels
  • Panthenol sooths irritations and calms your skin
  • Vitamin E helps fight signs of aging
  • Vitamin B3 helps maintain healthy-looking skin






  • Hot Action allows for even the most experienced tanners to see (and feel!) instantly dark tanning results
  • Red Palm Tree Oil, combined with Avocado, helps revitalize skin layers for a beautiful radiance
  • Vitamin E and Yerba Mate aid in acting against free radicals and premature skin aging
  • MMS Oil Blend of Monoi, Macadamia and Soy improves skin’s overall condition, making it incredibly soft and smooth
  • Give yourself an escape with the enchanting coconut fragrance



  • Powerful bronzing and warming tingle effect for fast and dark effects for hard-to-tan body parts
  • Aloe keeps skin moisture at ample levels
  • Green Tea helps fight the appearance of cellulite
  • Mango Extract, rich in multiple vitamins, eases inflammations and helps keep skin soft


Is getting a tattoo your plan for 2020? Awesome!


But please bear in mind that combining tan with a tattoo requires special attention. A dose of UV light which is too strong may cause ink fading. That’s why Onyx offers Tattoo, an indoor tanning lotion which delivers superior dark color and fast tanning results, whileour innovative Ink Care Formula, composed of precious oils and fruit extracts, keeps your colors strong and naturally shielded. To make your skin properly nurtured and smooth, TATTOO is blended with a Five Fruits Fusion (Peach, Melon, Pomegranate, Grapes, Avocado). Aloe and Jasmine Extract give it an extra nourishment boost, while Algae Extract makes skin smoother and youthful-looking. Add a bottle of Tattoo to your plan of getting a… tattoo:


After-care is king


We keep on repeating: Never underestimate the power of the after-tan lotion.With Body Tender your skin is taken care of like never before! This fabulously mild, fresh and weightless  after-tan lotion helps reduce skin dryness and leaves it miraculously soft. Enjoy this combination of conditioning and moisturizing agents for the most comfortable feeling. Additionally, panthenol soothes irritations and enhances longer lasting hydration, thereby prolonging the life of your tan.



Finally, let us share our new year’s resolutions with you. We promise to keep on providing you with the best indoor tanning solutions which will give you amazing results and wonderful skincare. We will help those who want to be tanned. And we will do our best to make 2020 a year of a healthy and beautiful tan. 

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