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What are tanning bronzers?

Bronzing tanning lotions are one of the most popular and most frequently chosen tanning lotions for tanning beds. But what do tanning bronzers do? Thanks to bronzing ingredients, such as DHA and erythrulose, which work to intensify your tan for several hours after each tanning session, the final effect will meet the expectations of even the most demanding tanning enthusiasts.

These cosmetics accelerate the development of a dark tan and deepen its shade. On top of that, bronzer tanning lotions care for the healthy appearance of your skin. Depending on the color of the cosmetic creme, there are black and white bronzers for tanning in tanning beds. White bronzers are stain- and streak-free, and the composition of natural bronzing ingredients is responsible for your dark tan. Black bronzers, on the other hand, contain a dye, which guarantees an almost immediate effect after applying indoor tanning bronzers to the skin.

Can you use bronzer in a tanning bed?

Of course, you can use bronzers for tanning either in a tanning bed or outside. It will also be a perfect companion on the beach! That said, you need to remember that our bronzers do not contain sunscreen. Who can use tanning bronzers in the tanning bed? Everyone - these products are intended for both beginners and advanced tanners.  

Tanning bronzers by Onyx are rich in moisturizing and conditioning ingredients, which makes them a great replacement for regular care lotions - not only will they intensely moisturize your skin, but also give it a radiant natural tan. If you are looking to enhance the tan effect and take full care of your complexion, then wait no more and reach for Onyx indoor tanning bronzers. However, it is important to remember that there are many categories of tanning bronzers for tanning in the solarium. 

Top tanning bronzers

Our offer also includes bronzers in the form of serums and bronzing accelerators, which are a combination of accelerators and bronzers for tanning, and bronzers a tingle effect for advanced tanning users. Which tanning bronzer should you choose? Well, you have to take into account several factors - the color of your skin, the degree of advancement, and the desired effect. Choosing the right cosmetic for tanning in the solarium does not have to be difficult. If you still have questions or doubts, be sure to write to us. We will help you choose the perfect tanning bronzer in the tanning beds.

Bronzing Tanning Lotions