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Tanning Accelerators or Tanning Bronzers?

Professional sunbed creams will take your tanning sessions to the next level. On top of that, they will make your skin look and feel more radiant. Are you a beginner in sunbed tanning? Not sure how to choose the right sunbed cream – tanning accelerator or tanning bronzer? Or perhaps a bronzing accelerator? Soon, the types of tanning lotions will no longer be a mystery to you!

How to choose the right sunbed cream?

What is bronzer tanning lotion?

Bronzer tanning lotion improves the brown skin effect. Bronzer contains bronzing ingredients that boost the intensity of your tan and work for several hours after visiting the solarium. That means you have to wait some time to enjoy the final result.

There are black bronzers and there are white bronzers  – they differ in the color of the cosmetic mass.

Black bronzers contain dyes that cover the outer layer of the skin almost immediately after application. They can be used both as tanning lotions and bronzers for body makeup.

There’s no doubt about it! The top pick of our customers is Black Caviar tanning lotion. This sunbed cream is packed with a complex of bronzing ingredients for an incredibly dark tan.


White bronzers do not contain a dye, which protects tanners against streaks and stains on the skin.

Particularly attention must be given to Tanphoria. In addition to a beautiful skin color, this tanning bronzer will give you plenty of comprehensive care! It contains an innovative formula with Coffee that improves skin elasticity and helps fight the first signs of aging.


What is accelerator tanning lotion?

Accelerator tanning lotion stimulates the production of melanin in the skin, making the tanning process much faster. Tan accelerator is rich in deeply moisturizing ingredients, giving you a longer tanning effect than usual.

One of the best-known sunbed creams is Booster. Apart from its basic properties, Booster tanning lotion is distinguished by vitamins and natural fruit extracts that deeply nourish the skin.


Bronzing accelerator - bronzer & tan accelerator in one

Bronzing tan accelerator contains the perfect combination of ingredients found in tanning accelerators and tanning bronzers. In other words, it produces a quicker tan, and the results are deeper and more satisfying. Bronzing tan accelerator has a beige cosmetic mass that does not stain the skin or clothes.

It’s worth giving the luxury series sunbed creams a try. One of them is Ultime – a tan accelerator with specially selected bronzing and skin care ingredients. The complex of carefully selected monoi, coconut and macadamia oils will leave your skin silky smooth and soft.


The best sunbed cream for fair skin

Tanning bronzers and tanning accelerators are the two primary categories of sunbed creams. So how to choose the right sunbed cream? Be sure to make your pick on the basis of your tanning experience and skin tone. If you have a pale complexion or you’re a beginner tan salon user, we recommend white tanning lotion.

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