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4 Best Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift idea for your significant other? Love and the sun make for the perfect duo! If you’re both crazy about tanning, then look no further. We have prepared the best ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for you!

The best gift ideas for her

It’s no secret that women want to look beautiful, and they’re always on the lookout for a dashing tan, radiant complexion and firm skin. If you want to meet the expectations of the ladies, choose professional sunbed cream, and we guarantee that all of the above requirements will be met!

What’s the best sunbed cream for women?

SHE is a bronzing accelerator with an innovative B-Shape formula that improves the shape of the figure and leaves your skin plump and firm. Tamanu oil, known as the "oil of the gods", supports proper hydration of the skin, while peach and melon extracts leave it even more beautiful and radiant. But let’s not forget about the golden tan, which is guaranteed by the bronzing and accelerating ingredients.


For the exceptionally bold ladies, we recommend tingle sunbed cream. With Very Sexy Legs, the sky is the limit – it’s a sunbed cream for legs and other body parts that are usually resistant to solar lamps. Tingle sunbed lotions have a warming effect on the skin, which makes the tanning process much faster. On top of that, they provide intensive moisturisation and nourishment.


The best gift ideas for him

Don’t let appearances fool you – men are also very strict when it comes to their appearance. They are also after quick effects and an intense tan. Remember that brown skin optically slims the silhouette and emphasises the outline of the muscles. Men are always up for an adventure, which is why tingle sunbed creams will be a bull’s eye!

What’s the best sunbed cream for men?

For men who appreciate skincare properties in addition to strong bronzing ones, we recommend HE. It is a bronzing accelerator sunbed cream enriched with Pronalen Sport Re-Energizer complex, which ensures the proper level of macroelements in the skin. But that’s not all. This bronze accelerating lotion absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy film (which we know you don’t like at all!).


We’ve already mentioned tingle tanning lotions, so they couldn’t be missing here as well! One particular example is V8 – tingle sunbed cream with muscle contouring technology. This bronze accelerator speeds up the tanning process and firms the skin. What more could you ask for?


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