Collection: Self Tanners

Are you looking to achieve a natural tan, but want to find an alternative to tanning in a tanning bed? Well, we have something especially for you - self-tanning lotions and foam self-tanning products.

Self-tanner - how does it work?

Our natural tanning foams create a beautiful tan without leaving your home. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) - an ingredient of natural origin - reacts with the amino acids of the epidermis, coloring the skin. That said, you need to know how to use a self-tanner to avoid stains or streaks on your skin or your clothes. Before using self-tanning foam, it is important to thoroughly scrub the entire body. A body scrub will remove the dead epidermis and smooth the skin, which will ensure a much better effect after applying the self-tanner. This will make your tan last much longer.

Natural and BIO self-tanners

Self-tanners by Onyx are made with all-natural ingredients, making them completely safe even for sensitive skin and while pregnant. What’s more, our self-tanners can cover your scars. You can also use our self-tanners to fix tan lines. Remember to get a self-tanner off your hands if you aren’t using a special mitt. To do this, wash your hands under running water with a lot of soap.

How to apply self-tanner?

Shake the bottle and go! Press down on the pump and apply the foam in circular motions, starting from the lower body. First apply the cosmetic to the feet, legs, and then the abdomen. Apply the cosmetic to your hands and neckline by making horizontal strokes. Be sure to do this with a special mitt. Can self-tanner be applied to the face? Our self-tanning foam is suitable for browning the whole body as well as for tanning the face; the unique formula makes it suitable for all skin types. Before putting on clothes, be sure to wait for the cosmetics to dry and absorb into the skin. You may ask how long self-tanner dries - it basically depends on the cosmetic you choose but it usually takes up to a few hours.  Now that you know how a self-tanner works, it's time to answer the question: which self-tanner to choose? We offer two self-tanners: light/medium, which is the best self-tanner for fair skin and a natural tan, and medium/dark – for tanners with a darker skin tone, giving you the darkest tan.
Self Tanners