5 differences between standing and reclining tanning beds

5 differences between standing and reclining tanning beds

Are you planning to go to a solarium? If so, you need to decide which bed you're going to tan on. You can choose between reclining and standing models, and each has its pros and cons. What are the main differences between the two types of beds? Check it out here!

The Intensity of the UV rays

While reclining tanning beds are usually equipped with 100 - 120 watt bulbs, standing tanning beds are equipped with 160 watt models. This means that you will tan faster in standing beds. If this is exactly what you want, it's worth opting for them.

Tan Uniformity

The difference between a reclining bed and a standing bed in a solarium is also evident in the effect you can get. If you know how to position your body properly to get an even tan, you can opt for a reclining bed. However, if you've never been to a tanning bed before, choose a standing one just to be safe. This will ensure that the effect is uniform.

Session Time

Due to the previously mentioned power of the bulbs, you should tan a little longer or a little shorter in both types of beds. In reclining beds, the bulbs have less power, so you need to spend more time in them. In standing beds, the UV radiation is higher, so you should spend a little less time in them.

Facial Tanning

Reclining tanning beds have special devices that help you tan your face better. Vertical models don't have these. However, if you prefer to use the reclining beds, and you don't want to get a tan on your face, it's worth checking whether such lamps can be turned off - in many cases, this is possible.


The question of comfort depends on personal preference. In standing beds, you have to raise your arms up to get an even tan. Of course, it's different in reclining beds, where you just have to lie down - in this case, however, the tan may not be as even.

Tanning Cosmetics

Regardless of which bed you prefer, it's a good idea to use the right tanning lotions. With them you'll not only get a prettier result, but also ensure your skin is optimally moisturized.

- Mystery - a tanning accelerator with a collagen activator for a long-lasting tan. It contains ingredients from the depths of the seas, Rockweed, Nori and Wakame, which restore balance to the skin and have an energizing effect.

- Mega Bronzer - a double tanning bronzer that gives the skin a spectacular look and the effect appears instantly. Additionally, after its application the tan will be very even and no unsightly streaks will appear.

- Anti-Aging - a bronzing accelerator for the face which makes the tan appear faster. It contains black rose extract which, combined with vitamin E, makes the skin smooth and nourished.
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