Black bronzer with a tingle effect - Onyx Magma, a novelty in our offer!

Black bronzer with a tingle effect - Onyx Magma, a novelty in our offer!

Do you dream of a fabulous, exotic tan? Do you want your body to be appetizing, silky, and above all - to have a beautiful, chocolate shade? If so, we are coming forward to meet you. We have just launched a new, incredibly effective cosmetic: Onyx MAGMA, a triple tanning bronzer with a tingle effect! Find out why it is worth having!

Onyx MAGMA - an extremely strong tanning lotion.

MAGMA is by far the strongest tanning lotion we have ever created. Its greatest advantage is the speed of action. It accelerates the tanning process to the maximum, making the skin darker by even several tones in one session! What is more, the effect is long-lasting - just use the cosmetic regularly.

Why does MAGMA work so well on your skin?

The basis of the new cosmetic is a large number of natural bronzers - DHA and Erythrulose. Their extraordinary properties have been combined with a unique, warming tingle effect. It improves micro-circulation, gives a slight tingling sensation and dilates blood vessels, simultaneously oxygenating the skin and ensuring a deep tan effect. In addition, the scent of exotic fruit with a hint of jasmine and ambergris makes using the cosmetic even more pleasant.

The cosmetic is also distinguished by its high care qualities. Precious ingredients, such as natural cocoa butter or a mixture of soybean and avocado oils will take care of the condition of your skin, not only during sunbathing, smoothing it and providing it with a large dose of vitamins. Moreover, anti-cellulite oil will deeply moisturize your skin and effectively firm it. Aloe Vera and vitamin E give the skin a velvety softness, while supporting the regenerative processes taking place in it. It is also important that the cosmetic is free of parabens and SLS and SLES substances.

How to use MAGMA? Is the cosmetic suitable for you?

In order to maintain an impeccable tan and beautiful skin, the product should be used every time before a visit to a solarium. The cosmetic should only be used by advanced tanning salon users. Are you going to use this type of cosmetic for the first time? Try our Hot Action or Very Sexy Legs!

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