Black Porcelain – HOT NEW White Bronzer by Onyx®

Black Porcelain – HOT NEW White Bronzer by Onyx®

If you dream of dark, just off-the-beach dream tan, but you are not so much into brown-texture tan accelerators, here comes the perfect solution!

Our brand new tanning lotion Black Porcelain features the formula of the White Bronzer, loved by those who choose beauty products with no colorants to minimize the risk of any streaks or stains. Additionally, its lightweight texture makes it easy to rub and absorbs amazingly easy into the skin. For the darkest tan effect, our superior fusion of powerful bronzers such as DHA, Erythrulose and Juglone allows skin to darken even for a couple of hours after UV exposure.

Onyx products are aimed at taking loving care of your tanned skin and this is why we enriched White Porcelain with an abundance of conditioning agents. While you are achieving that gorgeous color, our unique blend of luxurious Black Rose and Avocado rich in vitamins A, E and D, provides powerful antioxidants to target the signs of aging. Knowing that only a well-maintained skin can look beautiful when tan, we embellished our White Bronzer with a blend of Aloe and Honey to keep your skin hydrated, supple and fresh looking. Black Pearl, the frosting on the cake, rich in minerals, delivers hydration on supports effective skin regeneration for a flawless look.

Feel free to close your eyes and image you are laying on the beach… With Black Porcelain you can experience this when applying the very first drop of this lotion on your skin! The Tropical Wonderland fragrance is a mixture of deliciously smelling fruits, such as mango, peach and orange with subtle musk tones. Yummy.

With the hot tanning season just around the corner, do not skip stocking your tanning salon with mighty bronzers by Onyx® to make sure your customers are satisfied with the results after each tanning session and put Black Porcelain on your must-haves list.

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