Can you tan in the winter?

Can you tan in the winter?

Summer is over and you're thinking it might be time to forget about your bronze skin tone. Most people stop tanning when winter season starts. Is sun tanning in winter even possible? If so, how can you get satysfying results when the sun constantly hides behind the clouds? Keep reading on and learn the secret to achieving a glowing tan, even in winter!

Can you get tanned in winter?

It is a myth that the winter sun cannot tan our skin. We've heard a lot of theories about the sun not being strong enough in winter. Is it harder to tan in the winter? The truth is, even on the cloudiest days, UV radiation can still reach our skin. That is why it is very important to protect yourself against the harmful effects of radiation all year round.

How to protect yourself from the sun in winter?

If you're only using products with sunscreen during summer, you're making a big mistake! As we have already mentioned, our skin is exposed to the harmful effects of radiation all year round!

Using products with sunscreen is extremely important. Choose cosmetics like face moisturiser with sun protection. Apply them to exposed parts of the body, especially the face and neck. This simple step will ensure the appropriate level of hydration, prevent damage and slow down the aging process of your skin. 

How to care for dry skin?

Is tanning in the winter good for you? It is, as long as you pay attention to the daily needs of your skin. If your skin is very dry, choose cosmetics with a thick formula that contain ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil or coconut oil. Use them in your daily care routine, preferably immediately after showering or bathing.

Don't forget to take care of your hands as well. They are particularly exposed to severe frost. Hand creams will be a salvation during this season!

You can find more about how to care for dry skin HERE

How to get a tan in winter?

We've already learned that the winter sun can give you a tan. What if you want a beautiful and even tan effect all over your body? Where to tan in winter? Going to the beach and exposing your naked body to the winter sun is out of the question. This is where tanning salons come to the rescue.

How to get tanned in winter? If you want to look as if you just returned from an exotic vacation, we recommend visiting the tanning salon 2-3 times a week. Don't forget about appropriate intervals between sessions, which should be approximately 2 days. Give your skin time to rest and prepare accordingly for your next tanning session. The most important thing is to moisturise the skin regularly. Read one of our previous articles HERE to learn more!

How to tan in the winter? The key to achieving perfectly bronze tone is the use of appropriate tanning products. When it comes to proper hydration, choose products based on shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, aloe vera or walnut extract. These natural ingredients will take extra care of your skin, especially in the fall and winter season, as well as... during sunbed tanning session. If you're looking for radiant facial tan, remember to use specially crafted sun tan cream for face!

One of the tanning cosmetics that provides the maximum level of hydration is Suncolada. Its triple bronzing power maximizes your tanning results, but what attracts customers' attention is the innovative mood-boosting Happy Skin formula. The combination of coconut oil, monoi oil and macadamia oil as well as fruit extracts, penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, helping to maintain an adequate level of hydration and providing a smoothing effect.



Other products that we'd highly recommend as well are tanning accelerators for sunbeds, such as Booster or Vibe. These are cosmetics that not only provide heavenly results after just one tanning session, but also have an intense moisturising effect. Why are these sunbed accelerators so special? They contain an amazing combination of natural ingredients, such as shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia and coconut, as well as unheard-of plant - Tahitian gardenia. Trust us, these sunbed creams are sensational!



Which self-tanner should you choose in winter?

If you are looking for at-home solution when it comes to winter tanning, we have something just for you. How to get tan in winter without tanning? Self-tanners are an excellent option, especially during the fall and winter season, when warm, tanning sunlight is extremely rare. How about self-tanning mousses that are extremely easy to apply and... have deeply moisturising properties? After all, the better moisturised the skin, the longer the tan! Aloe vera combined with coconut and red fruit extract will take proper care of this.




The winter sun can give you a tan! There is no doubt about it, so you need to remember to use appropriate sun protection every day. It is especially important to take care of the skin of your face and neck. If you want an even and summer-like tan effect, go to the tanning salon. The key to success is to use moisturizing tanning lotions that will guarantee beautiful effects and take care of your skin. Self-tanners are also a good alternative, both for the body and face. So, is it good to tan in winter after all? Yes it is! Happy tanning!

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