Does a dark tan with no sun, with no streaks  and with no smell exist?

Does a dark tan with no sun, with no streaks and with no smell exist?

These are definitely the most desired features of a tan: it should be dark and even and ought to last for a long time. The tanning process itself is expected to be a moment of relaxation so any unwanted odors are out of question. Well, frankly speaking, the list of these tanning expectations is a longish one but there is some good news: there is a way to tick all these points. How? Please keep on reading to discover our tips and ideas.

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(Very) dark tan

Okay, let's put it bluntly: the majority of tanners goes to a tanning salon, spends hours sunbathing or uses a self-tanning product to get the wow effect with a deep dark tan. This is exactly why we have been searching for years for more and more advanced solutions which help obtain the off-the-beach tan effect and keep your skin perfectly nourished at the same time. Our proven way to enhance your tan is using professional tanning lotions. How do they work? First of all, accelerators work to stimulate melanin production which is responsible for the (darker) skin tint. In other words, they offer a kind of boost which helps you see the results faster than ever before. Another form of tan enhancing is called bronzers. This is a group of sunbed tanning lotions which are composed with agents reacting with the amino acids in our epidermis, causing it to turn darker. At the same time, the "regular" tanning process takes place in deeper skin layers. In the past, only few tanning ingredients were known and mostly DHA was used. These days we employ over ten tanning activators and complexes which keep the tanning process at a high level. Some of them are described here, as well as in the descriptions of our products.

An important note: please bear in mind that a really dark sunbed tan is not for everyone. For people of pale complexion forcing the tan can be unsuccessful or even dangerous.

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Perfectly even tan with no streaks

Let us start by reminding you that all cosmetic product should be applied carefully and there is not any other way to be sure the product works evenly on your facial or body skin. Of course product with bronzers are a bit more demanding when it comes to their application but there are some tips to help you make this process really effortless. So the rule number one is: Get ready. What we mean is getting rid of dead skin cells with the use of a body scrub or some other exfoliator. Even skin surface equals even tan, as simple as that. When your skin canvas is ready, carefully, in circular motions, apply the tanning product. We suggest starting from your feet and going up. It is advisable to do it in front of a big mirror to make sure your entire body is covered evenly. When you're done, wipe your hands into a paper towel, paying special attention to the area between your fingers which is prone to over-coloration. Finally, please take some time to let your skin absorb the product; this will protect your clothes or the sunbed surface against staining.

The Spray Tan Stink

Probably the most troublesome part of a tanning session or after the fake tan application is connected with thde characteristic odor on your skin. In both cases it is a natural "side-effect" of your skin becoming tan. Our way to handle that odd smell is using products which help neutralize it. When you use sunbeds, apply a tanning lotion, preferably the one which smells of fruits or flowers. Such fragrance compositions can be found in Booster, Grand Cru, Tanning Serum and #happy. What about the after-the-fake-tan smell? Firstly, you can choose a product which is scented, for example our No-Lie Natural Bronzing Mousse whose yummy orange scent is of 100% natural origin. But if your self-tanner or spray tan solution is fragrance-free, wait the suggested time before washing it off gently (in case of Uno Momento it's just one hour) and apply liberally your favorite (scented) body balm. The more often you re-apply it, the better your skin smells.

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 How to keep your tan for days?

This piece of advice is for all holidaymakers, regular and occasional tanners, both sunbed and fake-tan users who want to enjoy the sun-kissed look for a longer time. No matter what your tan comes from, moisturize your skin regularly. Delivering moisture to your skin protects it against drying and, as a result, the process of epidermis desquamating becomes less intense. When it comes to a non-sunless tan, it is suggested to use short sunbed sessions once or twice a week to prolong the life of your tan.

Do you have any other doubts or problems with tanning? Please let us know and we will try to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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