Easy way to keep your tan in winter

Easy way to keep your tan in winter

Can't stand the idea of self-tanning or have bad experiences with it? Are you tired after work and don't feel like going to a solarium, but a beautiful, natural tan is your dream? We've created a product which is the answer to all your needs. 

No-Lie Self Tanning Mousse - nature in a bottle

This is one of the products that we are very proud of. It is the highest quality self-tanning mousse inspired by nature, and that was our main motivation when we created this product.

The foam's natural composition is due to such ingredients as organic aloe vera, coconut and black rose extract, as well as orange. It is thanks to these components that we can proudly confirm its naturalness index - up to 98.1%!

Compared to other self-tanning cosmetics that have a white or creamy color, our mousse has a brown tint (derived from natural caramel) for comfort - this will make it easier to spread the mousse evenly and thus avoid stains: you simply see where the product has already been applied and where you still need to apply it.

In addition, our self-tanning mousse provides not only a perfect tan, but also skin care at a high level. This is due to botanical components that keep the skin moisturised and the properties of three wonderful plants that help protect the skin from the signs of aging. Unpleasant odour while sunbathing? Not with our product! During application, you're sure to smell a delightful orange scent - made from natural essential oils.

This is not a common solution - generally synthetic fragrances are found in cosmetics, so we are all the more glad that you can simply smell nature in our foams.

Two shades and versatility


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To further meet the needs of our customers, we decided to create the Mousse in two shades - Medium and Dark. The first shade is designed for people with light complexions or whose skin color can be defined as "slightly sun-kissed", and whose goal is a delicate and very natural tan.

While the second shade, Dark, will be ideal for those whose complexion is dark and whose dream is to have a tan like after a long vacation in the tropics. If you're afraid of an orange tint on your skin, don't worry - with our foam you'll only get a natural-looking tan intensified according to the shade you choose.

Another advantage of our product is its versatility - the cosmetic will work equally well for bronzing the whole body, but you can also safely apply it to the face. It will be suitable for all types and ages of skin.

The foam is available in a 150 ml bottle, which is enough for up to 10 quick tanning sessions at home, with the product covering the whole body. All the instructions on how to properly apply the foam are on the label, but if you have any further questions - we are at your disposal and happy to answer them.

Let's be eco!

Ecology was and is very important, especially nowadays. That's why we decided to print labels for Mousse on a regular basis to limit the amount of waste, and we designed the label itself to be minimalistic and without unnecessary decorations. Our packaging is biodegradable - however we hope that in the future we will be able to replace foaming bottles with packaging made of other, natural materials, but for now we strongly encourage you to dispose of the packaging in an appropriate container so that it can be recycled.

How to get a perfect tan with Mousse 

1. performing a scrub will help you remove dead skin and smooth your skin, making the product last even longer. 

2. Shake it! - Shaking the bottle will make it foam better and stronger. This step works best when paired with your favourite music.

3. With a glove you can be sure that the product will be applied evenly and streak-free. 

4. This step is by far the hardest - patience is a difficult art. 

5. No more waiting - you can now hop in the summer shower, while wiping yourself - try to do it gently.

6. To make the dark tan last longer, moisturise your body regularly with your favourite lotion.

This is a product that many of our customers have already trusted.

Don't believe it? See for yourself! Here are some of the reviews:

The perfect product 

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An express tan for special occasions or, if used regularly, to get a beautiful tan all the time. You don't have to leave the house, you can do it in your own bathroom. Natural ingredients safe for your skin and a beautiful scent! What more could you want? We are already convinced, how about you?

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