Perfect deep tan or reduced appearance of cellulite? Why don't you get both at the same time? By choosing Onyx tan enhancers marked with a coffee bean you can be sure to get your tan quickly and have your skin properly taken care of due to a selection of toning and tightening ingredients aimed at fighting skin's sagging and restoring its firmness.

"I like my cellulite", said no woman ever. And this is exactly why we created She, our body perfecting bronzing intensifier for women, enhanced with groundbreaking B-Shape complex for skin’s visibly better elasticity, softness and overall appearance.

slim tan orlando

Looking for luxury treatment? Try Magnifique, our body euphoriating elixir from Edition Limitee range. The intense tanning stimulators will ensure a perfect tan while the breakthrough Push-Up Complex, supported with the cellulite-fighting power of Coffee and Yerba Mate extracts, will help provide intense body firming, making your skin feel youthful and radiant after each tanning session.

If your party (or even everyday outfit) can't go without legs-revealing clothes, then we are pretty sure you need Sexy Legs, our dual bronzer for hard-to-tan body parts. This bestselling tanning lotion contains caffeine that helps reduce body fat and optically smooth areas affected by cellulite, making your legs satin smooth, while giving your body that dream holiday tan.

For advanced tanners and those who search for intense results, Onyx suggests one of our black bronzers, Black Cashmere, enriched with caffeine to fight cellulite and restore skin firmness.

See the rest of our bronzers and intensifiers to see what other miracles they can do to your skin and your tan.

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