Holiday essentials, or what should we take on a journey?

Holiday essentials, or what should we take on a journey?

Holiday essentials, or what should we take on a journey? Summer has finally arrived, holiday time also, and travel planning is the main point of this period. For most of us packing for a longer trip is a real nightmare, and for others it's a pleasure and the first part of thinking about the upcoming rest. A very common direction that we choose is the sea, whether in our homeland or not. Regardless of where we leave, the same problem always appears - what to pack on such a trip? What will we need and what should we take with us? What must not be forgotten? Onyx is here to help you, we will advise and tell you how to pack and not go crazy, what to take to protect your skin during a sun bath, how to make your time pleasant while relaxing. We will exchange a few basic categories to quickly pack the most necessary things! 

We do not have the opportunity to pack everything we want (great pity!), And everything we remember at the moment ... but a few small tricks, a well-thought-out strategy and we guarantee that you will not forget anything! A quick necessity in three categories ... At the beginning, we recommend creating a list of things (especially for forgetful ones!) That are necessary in the journey, and such we can divide into a few simple categories. The first of them are certainly documents, without which you can not go anywhere! So let's remember about passports, ID cards, tickets, payment cards or insurance documents. Another category is the choice of wardrobe, which is a very important matter, because we will never be 100% sure what weather we will get, which is why, next to summer dresses, bathing suits or airy clothes, sweaters, sweatshirts and raincoats should be included. Pack both slippers, sandals and sports footwear that will be useful in case of bad weather or longer, hiking. It will be good if we prepare for hot days, but also for those cooler and rainy. Remember, of course, that the number of clothes should be adjusted to the number of days spent on vacation, because, unfortunately, no luggage has unlimited space. The last most important group of things to take in the journey are of course medicine and cosmetics, without which we or our family members should not leave, so you should bring with you a small first aid kit and essential medicines. 

Some of us enjoy beach attractions, swimming in the sea, various activities, and others prefer to simply laze and relax with a book in their hands. This type of leisure time can, of course, be safe only if you have already prepared your beach toolbox. So in a few points we will tell you what to take with you to the beach, to make your time more pleasant and, above all, to provide the skin with adequate protection from the sun. Things that should be in our beach bag! 

1. Swimwear

    It is difficult for anyone of us to imagine a holiday by the sea without proper sunbathing and swimming suits. On our list, at least two swimsuits should be taken. When one of the sets gets dirty or just can not dry out, an additional outfit may be necessary.


    2. Protective cream with a filter

      Taking sunbaths by the sea is probably the biggest and the most pleasant attraction. Remember, however, that protecting our skin is the most important thing and we can not underestimate it. On cosmetics that protect our skin from sunlight, we usually find SPF (Sun Protection Factor), meaning protection against UV radiation. We recommend you our first cosmetic created for sunbathing La Playa, which, in addition to the SPF15 filter, which protects the skin from about 93–96% of UVA and UVB rays, contains a special complex stimulating the skin to produce more melanin, up to 85%. In addition, it has a light formula, absorbs quickly, adapts to every skin, helps to protect against skin aging, leaving no white marks, soothes irritations and moisturizes, improves skin nutrition and softness, and has a beautiful, fruity, holiday scent. La Playa is characterized by everything that sunbathing enthusiasts need. Dont forget about skin care after a day of tanning. We recommend Body Tender, whose combination of conditioning and moisturizing ingredients guarantees a feeling of unprecedented comfort. It's emollients provide a balanced level of hydration and prevent signs of skin aging. Allantoin and vitamin E support the regeneration of skin cells and reduce the feeling of dryness. Panthenol soothes irritations and improves long-lasting moisturizing, thereby extending the durability of the tan. 

      3. Mineral water

        A very important point that can not be overlooked because being in the sun on a hot beach is a simple way to dehydrate the body. So let's take care not only about the skin, but also about our well-being.  

         Protective cream with a filter

        4. Beach accessories

          If most of the time we spend on the beach using the sun, let's remember that in addition to sunblock, we should take sun glasses or a beach hat that suits both bathing suits and summer, elegant stylizations. A comfortable place to sit and lie is the basis for a good day at the beach, so do not forget to take a large towel or blanket, beach umbrella, but also a sunscreen, of course not to separate yourself from the rest of the sunbathers, which is the main domain of people, but in order to effectively protect yourself from the wind. And in order not to be bored on the beach and spend time more actively, we recommend to pack a beach volleyball, a badminton set or various types of inflatable pontoons.

           Beach accesories

          5. Books, magazines, electronic items

            Many of us can not imagine traveling without a book or favorite magazine, so it is worth having at least one copy with you so that you can take care of something during unfavorable weather and do not regret that you have wasted your time. However, if you think that paper editions take up too much space and are simply too heavy, we recommend a solution that are e-book readers, which will be placed in every purse, and in addition they are waterproof. For some sunbathing without listening to music, watching movies or taking pictures is a lost time ... Some take music players, telephones, cameras, and others focus only on a smartphone that has each of these functions, is more practical and functional. Resting on the beach is therefore an ideal time to catch up on cultural backlogs, which we very often lack the time to do. 

            Books, magazines, electronic items

            We hope that, even to a small extent, our mini list and a few tips will help you master the art of fast but necessary packaging. It is good to remember these most important things and think carefully about what we will need, because even if someone could create the most accurate list, we ourselves must decide what will be useful for us during the trip, and what will be completely unnecessary for us and will take a very necessary place in luggage. Being at the seaside, and especially sunbathing on the beach, let's not forget about protection from the sun, but also about proper hydration. We should also remember that caution related to the activity in the water or on the beach is very important, because holidays are mesnt to be pleasant times, full of rest and amazing memories, not a period of worries or unfortunate accidents.

            If you want to learn more

            If you want to learn more about lotions with a filter or specifically about our balm created especially for sunbathing in the sun - La Playa, we would be happy to welcome you at the previous post, which certainly will bring you closer to the topic.

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