The power of review

The power of review

Recently, due to the ongoing vacation, holidays and rest time, our articles mainly covered topics related to tanning, desired to achieve a beautiful, golden tan, in which ONYX cosmetics will certainly help you. Today's article will deal with a completely different matter, but equally important, namely the approach of customers to solar stores, and above all their opinions and reviews, which are of great importance for the owners of such points.

How often do we recommend a shop, restaurant or beauty salon to friends or family? We know the answer to this question – very often. If we are satisfied with the level of service we have been offered, we are happy to share this information with anyone who is interested in it. It is the same with solar salons. We can be sure that our salon is also said to be about service, cleanliness, equipment and products that can be bought on site. It is on such orders and recommendations that the functioning of most companies is based.

Unfortunately, the owners of solar showrooms are still not aware of the importance of the opinion of customers visiting their point. It is important that the person managing such a salon, if he knows how important the client's opinion is, be able to share it with the staff who, after all, deal with clients on a daily basis. How the salon will be picked up depends on the commitment and awareness of the person working in the place.

The customer comes first!

In the 21st century, time is at a premium, so let's not waste it on ourselves or our customers. In these times, unfortunately, we forget about it, we service reflexively, mechanically, as soon as possible. We do not advise, we do not help and we are not interested in what the visitor of our salon really expects from us. Then the customer will not be satisfied with the quality of service, he will feel simply ignored. Customers are the foundation and foundation of the salon. If customers are known, it is known that business is going on.

Remember that the customer should be greeted immediately – as soon as he crosses the threshold of the salon. He must feel that from the moment he enters the salon, the staff is ready to devote his time and attention to him. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, for example, when we are busy handling another person. Then it is worth to ask the client with sympathy and smile, that he just wait a moment and you can offer something to drink. Then we let him know that we are able to help at any time, and that we are ready to answer bothering questions. A satisfied customer is the best advertisement!

  1. Regular customer

The priority is to keep a regular customer, take care of him and control his needs. In relations with the customer more comfortable, we do not need to show how to use or produce the cabins on the sun care products – such client already knows, may only need a little advice in the selection of lotion.

  1. New customer

When a new client arrives in our salon, we should immediately offer him help. Show cabins, talk about cosmetics that we use in the solarium, advise and above all listen to bothering questions. It has been known that the staff should demonstrate the greatest commitment, regardless of the customer's expectations. In order for the client to return to our store, he must meet with excellent service for each of his visits. It is also worth asking the client how he assesses our work and whether he is satisfied.

It should follow a few rules in order to build a very good and long-term relationships with our customers. Here are a few of them:

  • Personalized e come near to the customer – walk up to each customer uniquely. Do not follow the pattern, do not refer to previous situations that have taken place. Every customer is different and deserves to be treated differently.
  • Listen to the client's needs – it's worth listening to what the client expects from us. Let the client speak but also ask questions – this way you will learn what is important for a given person and what is worth paying attention to.
  • Help and advise – this is especially important for new customers who do not know what cosmetics to use or what tanning bed to choose.
  • Sympathy, sincerity, patience – being cordial and friendly certainly  to customers, which means that they will want to come back. Building a pleasant and "family" atmosphere is the key to success.
  • Smile and be kind!

Staff are the showcase of the salon. In the solarium, in addition to a large selection of cosmetics, very good equipment, cleanliness, sterility and attention to the smallest details, behind the counter should stand incredibly friendly, competent people who not only can advise, but also create a nice, friendly atmosphere. Then customers will definitely come and will definitely come back. It is up to the staff whether the living room will be perceived as a warm, cozy place, in which everyone is treated exceptionally. Then we can be sure that our salon will be recommended, and positive reviews will be issued very often.

The devil is in the details!

Appropriate interior arrangement of the living room is one of the key issues when giving feedback by customers. We like nice things and we like to stay in aesthetic and cozy rooms. A solar salon can also be like that! Designquality of workmanship, all this should be refined in the smallest details, which is of great importance for how customers perceive our salon. Let's also remember that the owner of a self-respecting salon should not allow a situation in which customers pay attention to shortcomings. Everyone expects that the solarium should be clean, sterile and tidy. Here it is definitely worth mentioning our solarium disinfection liquid, i.e. Solar Guard Mega Power. It was created for demanding users. It is completely safe for use on plexiglass, has a caring effect on it and prevents the deposition of dirt. With great cleaning properties, it has a broad biocidal spectrum against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is suitable for professional and quick disinfection of the surface of beds, tanning booths and other surfaces made of acrylic glass, equipment and devices in gyms and fitness clubs as well as walls, floors, doors, countertops and small equipment in solariums, wellness rooms, hairdressing salons and other service and public facilities.


Finally, we will quote a few opinions about tanning salons that we found in Google. As you can see the comfort, safety and friendliness of staff are the most important for customers !


"Hello. As a person who sunbathes regularly, I recommend. Great service, very good beds, lamps changed regularly, professional cosmetics available. In addition, I will add that the upper part of the beds clean, where in other solariums not necessarily." Empire Solar Solarium – Bialystok


"I started my adventure in this solarium – wonderful service, great tan and nice atmosphere." KRONE Solarium – Bydgoszcz

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

" My favorite tanning salon in Toruń! For several years I have only been using California and . A neat, cozy, always clean and modern place. The service is very nice, ladies are happy to help and advise about tanning or choosing cosmetics. I also like the option to buy passes. Big 5 stars from me. You can see and feel that the owner takes great care of the California solarium." California solarium –  Toruń


"Great service, everything at a high level, nice atmosphere and I will go back there again." Solarium Słoneczko – Kędzierzyn Koźle


"For the best tanning salon I have been to. Very nice service, clean, disposable films which give a sense of even greater hygiene, immediate effect. I recommend the most. " Solarium Ibiza – Katowice


"Super service, well-equipped salon, clean and tidy. I would recommend." Hot Chocolate Solarium – Tychy


"Friendly service, very clean and nice decor, the lamps are strong and tan, and most importantly great atmosphere and thus ... more willing. With a clear conscience I recommend only this solarium in Jaworzno and I went to others in this city .... it is sensational :-)” Studio Solarium TROPICANA – Jaworzno


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