How to prolong the life of you tan, after vacation

How to prolong the life of you tan, after vacation

Our previous article was about what we should take on vacation, how to pack, to not forget about anything, but also giving some necessary advice and we mentioned a few things that should be in our beach bag. If you are still ahead of your holiday and have not read this article, be sure to read the topic, because we guarantee that packing will not be a nightmare, and what's better - it can even be a pleasure!


Today's article will focus on how to keep your tan, after your holidays.

Tan sustainability, as we already know, depends of course on the process of producing melanin in the skin, that is the dye that determines the tanning speed and the color of our skin. What should you do to make the golden skin tone accompany you longer? If you care about your skin properly, you can enjoy your holiday tan for a long time, and how you can extend your tan depends only on you, because there are really many methods, ways, and tricks. We are sure that after reading this article, each of you will find something for yourself, and a wonderful tan will accompany you throughout the holidays! Long-lasting and beautiful tan primarily depends on the proper preparation of the skin before sunbathing, during tanning and complete care after sunbathing.

How to properly take care of your skin before sunbathing?

Peeling before sunbathing!

This is one of the ways to make your tan lasting and beautiful. First of all, you have to start with a peeling, which will peel off dead skin, and thanks to that you will get rid of inequalities, which will make your skin brown more evenly. The skin on which there is a lot of dead skin instead of absorbing light reflects it, i.e. it is simply a smooth surface that "accepts" light better.

Remember about creams with a protective filter!

Proper care during tanning will keep your natural and beautiful tan last longer. It's not just about the issue of protection against burns, but also about hydration, because the sun and the wind dry the skin. This will help you in this balm created especially for sunbathing - La Playa, which, in addition to the SPF15 filter, protecting the skin from about 93-96% of radiation, contains a special skin stimulating complex to produce more melanin, up to 85%. In addition, it has a light formula, absorbs quickly, adapts to every skin, helps to protect against skin aging, does not leave white marks on the skin, soothes irritations and moisturizes, improves skin nutrition and softness, and also has a beautiful, fruity, holiday smell. La Playa is characterized by everything that sunbathing enthusiasts need.


How to extend a tan?

Above all – moisturizing!

When you come back from holidays, continue to give your skin intensive moisturizing and regeneration. Tan certainly does not stick to dry skin, so remember that the more oiled and moisturized skin, the less it peels and loses less brown color. Do not regret the moisturizing lotions that the tanned and dry skin wants.

Peels after sunbathing!

The myth is that during the peeling we will "grind" the tan, and even the opposite, this step will help you keep it longer, then the body will be more susceptible to the care cosmetics. If you use a moisturizing lotion after peeling, you'll be able to catch more rays faster and your skin will look more radiant. Remember, however, that the use of peeling after a visit to the solarium can rub off the tan!

A tan-fixing diet!

If you're wondering what else you can do to extend your tan, think about the right diet. Remember that we do not care for the tan only from the outside, but also from the inside. Try to supplement your diet with products rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene (try to drink a glass of carrot juice every day, and you will see that your skin will gain intensity and warm shade anew), vitamin A, whose source is, for example: yellow and red vegetables, green leafy vegetables, some fruits. Sunters for your tan may also be supplements - look for those with carotenoids that will give the skin a nice, golden shade.

Resignation from hot baths!

Hot baths dry the skin hard. We advise you to choose cooler showers and choose oils and gels to wash, which strongly moisturize and lightly oil the skin. After bathing, immediately moisturize the skin with a balm!

Body Tender by Onyx – a product that extends the durability of a tan!

Body Tender is a deliciously delicate, fresh and easily absorbable lotion that nourishes the skin after sunbathing. The combination of skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients guarantees a feeling of unprecedented comfort. Emollients provide a balanced level of hydration and prevent signs of skin aging. Allantoin and vitamin E support the regeneration of skin cells and reduce the feeling of dryness. Panthenol soothes irritations and improves long-lasting moisturizing, thereby extending the durability of the tan.

Solarium – a place where you can get sun rays!

Thanks to 1-2 sessions a week, your tan will definitely remain in a golden shade and you will be able to enjoy beautiful skin for longer. It's a very good idea to quickly extend the tan, and by the way, bask in the light imitating the sun's rays. We recommend cosmetics for the Onyx solarium, which will deepen your tan, provide the skin with nourishing nutrition and protection against harmful factors, and some ingredients will take care of the skin, moisturize it and guarantee its faster regeneration. The fragrances of our products will move your senses and make you want more!


Below are a few products that will definitely prove useful during a visit to the solarium! The use of preparations not intended for tanning beds will not give desired effects, it may delay or prevent proper tanning, therefore for sunbathing in the solarium, cosmetics should be used only for that purpose. The use of cosmetics with sunscreen in a solarium can be compared to an umbrella entry - this is pointless because the solarium cosmetics and tanning in the sun have completely different functions. The sunbathing balms accelerate tanning and the beach slows slow down the process. For more information, please go to the tab

  1. No 5 BLACK – bronzer deepening the tan
  • Cannabis oil ensures proper skin hydration;
  • Aloe vera for regeneration, moisturizing and soothing the skin;
  • Vitamin E supports the fight against signs of skin aging;
  • Panthenol soothes and calms the skin;
  • Vitamin B3 helps maintain a youthful complexion.
  1. GRAND CRU - a balm that maximizes the effects of tanning
  • Avocado oil delays the aging process of the skin;
  • Almond oil has a protective effect on the skin;
  • Panthenol helps to maintain an adequate level of hydration;
  • Tyrosilane ™ stimulates the production of melanin in the skin and improves the effectiveness of tanning;
  • Aloe deeply moisturizes the skin and gives it a youthful appearance.
  1. SWEET CAPPUCCINO DREAM – a cappuccino-flavored bronzer
  • Wingron extract for better skin condition;
  • Allantoin ensures skin regeneration and hydration;
  • Walnut leaf extract strengthens the effect of a dark tan;
  • Matrixyl 3000 ™ stimulates the production of collagen;
  • Jojoba oil improves skin hydration and softness.
  1. MILK CHOCOLATE DELIGHT – natural bronzer
  • Melanin for a beautiful and natural tan;
  • Coconut oil maintains proper hydration of the skin;
  • Sunflower oil gives the skin smoothness;
  • Vitamin E, known as "vitamin of youth", supports the fight against signs of aging;
  • Hyaluronic acid prevents loss of hydration.

onyx tan products

A tan acquired during the trip, vacation, sunbathing or rest on the beach, you can enjoy even the whole summer! Just remember these few tips that will help you maintain a golden, beautiful and unique shade of skin throughout the holiday season. In addition, most of our advice, which you apply to, will make your skin smoother, moisturized, nourished, regenerated, and your body will be in a generally better condition.

Maybe you also have some of your tried and tested tricks to extend your holiday tan? Write in the comments!

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