Our ideas for Christmas presents!

Our ideas for Christmas presents!

Xmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Families and close friends are brought together to spend holidays sharing warmth, love and kindness. We hope all of you are ready for celebration! Let this time be cheerful and glowing in Christmas tree light with tanned bodies.

We know everyone wants to look their best for Xmas partying and that’s why we are here to inspire you.There is not much time left for last-minute preparations, gifts shopping and gift wrappings and the most important there is not much time to look for perfect Xmas outfit! With fabulous clothes you MUST HAVE that perfect tan! For everyone who loves dark, holiday tan effect, we have some ideas for what you can get yourself and others this Xmas. It’s all because Christmas is the time of giving!

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this holiday season! You can choose from a wide variety of lotions – while some are brand news, others are tanning trusted classics. There are products for beginners and for advanced tanners. Finally, some lotions are created to say “I love your tattoos”, “You are so classy”, “You are so handsome with your tan”.



If you are looking for a useful present for your man, don’t look any further! We’ve got what you need… and what he needs! Onyx provides a wide range of manly indoor tanning body lotions with fresh and musky fragrances.

  1. Bronzing intensifier FOR MEN!

This is the answer to all men’s tanning expectations. Empower your tan with HE, our powerful and quickly-absorbing Bronzing Intensifier for Men. Pronalen Sport Re-Energizer, composed of precious sea components, ensures optimum level of macroelements. Pomegranate, rich in antioxidants, helps neutralize free radicals, thereby giving your skin a younger appearance. Silk and Sesame Oil help keep your skin properly hydrated and smooth.

Price for 200ml ONLY €23.95!

For true fans of hot deep tan results onindoor tanning session we offer you products with a tingle effect! Bronzers with warming tingle effect help to tan diffucult-to-tan places of your body and give immediate color.


  1. BRONZER with POWERFUL tan effects for men!

V8 bronzer stimulates your senses with tingle effect to accelerate the dark, deep tan effects during every tanning session!A special blend of Aloe, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, rich in skin conditioners,helps restore skin’s natural vitality to appear smoother and younger. Additionally, Mango Extract aids in providing appropriate hydration, while Green Tea Extract helps keep skin firmer and more toned.

Price for 150ml ONLY  21.99!


  1. Be a glowing star of the Xmas party with SHE

Let your skin experience lavish bronzing and unique beautifying boost. SHE, our Bronzing Intensifier for Women, has been enhanced with groundbreaking B-Shape complex for skin’s visibly better elasticity, softness and overall appearance. Keep your skin glowy and refreshed with Orange Blossom Rain, while Black Rose extract leaves your skin silkier and younger looking than ever before. Tamanu Oil, known as the “Oil of the gods”, helps to smooth and hydrate the skin, while Peach and Melon extracts provide it with perfect luminosity. 

Price for 200ml ONLY  €23.95!


  1. Seduce your handsome Santa with SEXY LEGS

Sexy Legs is a dual bronzer created to provide dark, luminous color for hard-to-tan body parts.Skin firming and anti-cellulite blend, composed of Coffee and Yerba Mate, helps smooth and improve skin’s texture for a more toned and tightened appearance.Vitamin E sooths your skin, while Vitamins B3 and C provide an anti-oxidant power to prevent premature skin aging and help you enjoy a youthful looking appearance. Conditioning properties of Silk help keep your skin moisturized and soft.

Price for 150ml ONLY €21.99!



Hot new and already loved by many! Onyx Tanning Serum formula is going to bring happiness to everybody during the time of Xmas celebrations.With it you can make your bronze dream a reality and embrace the possibilities of extreme bronzing and deep skin conditioning with Tanning Serum. High-performance bronzing and accelerating ingredients, including DHA and Erythrulose of 100% certified natural origin blended with UpTan System, Juglone and Lawsonia, will leave you with a perfect, dark bronze color after each indoor tanning session. Infused with Honey, Avocado and Grapes extract, Tanning Serum delivers a strong anti-oxidant power that helps promote a younger looking appearance. To enjoy our Premium Tan Rituals to the fullest, drench yourself in a bouquet of Flower Power extracts to experience a powerful burst of hydration with Orchid Extract and anti-aging care with Orange Blossom Rain blended with Black Rose. Special properties of Jasmine and captivating BeautéFlorale fragrance deliver a blissfully relaxing effect on your mind and body.


Someone you cherish loves their tattoos and sunbed tanning but is afraid of losing their color? Be a clever Santa and bring them Tattoo, ourgroundbreaking tan enhancer. Created with a set of powerful bronzers and intensifiers, TATTOO delivers superior dark color and fast tanning results and also protects tattooed body. What is more, our innovative Ink Care Formula, composed of precious oils and fruit extracts, keeps your colors strong and naturally shielded. To make your skin properly nurtured and smooth, TATTOO is blended with a Five Fruits Fusion (Peach, Melon, Pomegranate, Grapes, Avocado). Aloe and Jasmine Extract give it an extra nourishment boost, while Algae Extract makes skin smoother and youthful-looking.


With Edition Limitee this Holiday season you are going to be a star! ULTIME is for those of you who want to reach the new horizons withthe Prodigieux Tan Magnifying and Accelerating Cocktail. This lotion will bring you to extraordinary bronzing and skin nourishing agents and help to provide an exceptionally dark color in a very short time, while our wonder extract from Black Pearl helps revitalize your skin for a more flawless and radiant look. MAGNIFIQUE allows you to go beyond your expectations and experience extreme tanning and skin firming results with Magnifique Cuvée Tan Boosting and Body Euphoriating Elixir. Powerful combo of DHA, Erythrulose and Tyrosine with tan accelerating ingredients will fulfill your wildest fantasies of an immediate and longer lasting color!Indulge yourself into a moment of supreme tanning rituals with NOIR NOIR Connoisseur Tan Enhancing and Intensifying Potion. Miraculous fusion of bronzers helps deliver the perfect shade of dream dark color. Spoil your skin with deluxe Orchid and Silk extracts for an unparalleled skin smoothness and amazing nourishment. Mystic Oil, a wealthy combination of Myrrh Extract, Red Palm, Olive and Argan oils, conditions your skin and provides a luxurious feel.


Most importantly, shop now and don’t stress over waiting for the parcel to arrive. Then take your time to relax and tan to look so glam for the Xmas parties.

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