Say hello to La Playa!

Say hello to La Playa!

Beach Party #modeon! We can do nothing but celebrate with sand in our shoes the launch of our first outdoor tanning product of the most summerish name La Playa!

La Playa Outdoor Tanning

According to research, 98% of people using sunbeds tan outdoors. Knowing this and always keeping your amazing tan as our priority, we created a product which takes loving care of your golden glow at the beach or at any other place where you can catch the rays of sunshine.

If you are happy with the results you get with Onyx sunbed lotions, you will fall in love with La Playa. Equipped with SPF 15 for broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, it is not an average sunscreen. A unique tan intensifying fusion composed of precious ingredients boosts melanin production up to 85% (yeah, that’s impressive!) thereby accelerating the tanning process. In other words, you will get darker, quicker than ever before, while spending less time in the sun. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see that golden glow in a blink of an eye?

La Playa is free from anything you may dislike about a suntan lotion. Its non-sticky, lightweight texture melts into skin without looking chalky and is suitable for all skin types. You can apply it to your skin daily, both to your body and face since it wears well under makeup (cheers to multitasking!) and does not leave white marks or greasy feel. Its natural tint blends effortlessly on all skin tones, no matter if you are an advanced tanner or tan your pale skin just occasionally.

If you search for a SPF lotion which strikes the perfect balance between enhancing your tan and intense nourishment, La Playa is the answer (hip hip hooray!). We believe that tan looks beautiful only when your skin looks youthful and healthy and this is why our sunscreen lotion is packed with skin pampering ingredients such as Peach and Pomegranate to fight the signs of aging, Melon and Silk to enhance skin softness and Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to calm irritations and provide incredible smoothness. Oh, and don’t forget the fragrance. This stuff smells like sunshine mixed with juicy, mouthwatering tropical fruits… That’s what paradise should feel like, isn’t it?

With summer just around the corner, La Playa is a real must-have, no matter what your destination is so… Vamos a La Playa, dear tanners!

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