Solarium tanning and tattoos - what should you know?

Solarium tanning and tattoos - what should you know?

Tattoos are a great way to express a colorful personality. This unique form of visual art often allows us to express what we are unable to express in words. However, it is said that people who have decided on this original body decoration, should not tan in a solarium.

Well, this is not true, just choose the right cosmetics. What kind? You will find the answer in this article.

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Why do tattoos fade?

Have you ever wondered why some tattoos fade, losing their intensity and color? It turns out that it is responsible for the so-called  photochemical oxidation, which is in turn the effect of free radicals. The main culprits here are reactive hydroxyl radicals, which destroy the ink molecules in the skin. This leads to discoloration of the tattoo.

How to protect tattoos from losing their color?

To protect your skin from the rays and at the same time let it tan beautifully in a solarium, it is worth using Onyx TATTOO. It is a bronzing accelerator with a unique complex protecting tattoos. It has a complex effect on the skin, preventing fading of both black and colored pigments. Thanks to this your tattoo will keep energetic, vivid colors and clear, intense

The unique effect of the cosmetic is due to its composition:

 - Innovative Ink Care formula - protects tattoos against color loss and photochemical oxidation, by combating free radicals thanks to two oils: sesame and tamanu, and unique fruit extracts.

 - Combination of bronzers and accelerators with tyrosine - accelerates the tanning process, giving a beautiful, visible effect and deep color

 - Peach extract and avocado oil - protects the skin from trans-epidermal water loss, thus ensuring optimal moisture levels

 - Pomegranate, grape, avocado and vitamin E extracts - stimulate the fight against signs of aging

 - A combination of plant extracts of melon, silk, jasmine and aloe vera - further moisturizes the skin, helping to nourish it and make it perfectly soft.

Do you dream of golden skin with a touch of color? Do fruity fragrances give you a powerful boost of energy for action? If so, choose Onyx TATTOO and enjoy an exceptional tan all year round!

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