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As the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are getting closer, more and more people google “tanning salon near me” to find a place where they can get some tan. However, it’s crucial to plan your tanning schedule in advance to make sure you get the result you dream of without doing any harm to your skin. Sunbed tanning is an effortless way of getting the sun-kissed look, as long as you choose a professional tanning salon and follow the guidelines of safe and healthy tanning.


We all know that thanks to regular visits to sunbed tanning salons you will improve your self-esteem, which is even more important than great looks during New Year’s Eve partying! Tanned body is a great attraction booster, sunlight brings life, makes you happy and gives your skin an overall glow. The desired tan appearance has a deep dark caramel color, evenly tanned body is a today’s definition of beauty. But you must be careful! Sunbed tanning is healthy only when done with caution. You want to shine on a New Year’s Eve Night? Remember that wonderfully bronzed body is just as important element of your look as an outstanding outfit! Get ready for building a perfect tan effect right now with these short tips.


  1. FIND YOURSELF ON FITZPATRICK SCALE – Tan safely and with caution!


Ever thought of why some people get burned any time they try to catch some tan while others get tanned very quickly? The reason beyond this this phenomenon can be explained with reference to the Fitzpatrick skin typing test, a numerical classification schema for human skin color. You should be aware what your skin type is and what dosage of tanning your skin is able to handle. In case of any doubts you should ask staff for help and consult your tanning time with professionals.


  1. Why can’t you just get a deep tan overnight?


Tanning is quite a long and complex process. If you want to achieve a desirable and bronzed body you will have to go sunbed tanning regularly, there is no chance to get a deep and an even tan after visiting tanning salon just once. That’s why you need to plan you tanning sessions in advance and do it in accordancewith the safety rules. That way you will be sure of getting a desired looked without any risk. Adjusting the sunbed tanning time and frequency is an integral part of risk free tanning; still, it’s a very individual element that is connected to your skin complexion and condition. If you rarely visit sunbed salons or you have a very pale complexion, chose shorter tanning session. But if you are a frequent sunbed user and your natural complexion is darker, pick yourself a longer session time for getting better results. Remember it’s always better to choose a few shorter tanning sessions than one longer one, which can result in skin burning or irritations. Even if you have a few short sessions be careful to keep a suitable time distance between them, at least 48 hours.


  1. Safe indoor tanning?

If a customer visits tanning salon rarely, it’s hard to choose the right tanning bed and lamps that will provide enough light for your skin without damaging it. To be sure of the right choice we advise you to consult with a specialist behind a counter; staff in a professional tanning salon should be qualified enough to give you all the tips you need for successful and pleasant tanning experience.

  1. Don’t tan naked – use a professional indoor tanning lotion

When planning a sunbed tanning salon visit, you should definitely take care of your skin before. Try to keep it moisturized before you start your tanning sessions and never skip applying a professional indoor tanning lotion right before you lay down on the sunbed. Onyx products (available on Amazon) help accelerate and deepen the tan effect. What is more, they are packed with ingredients which unleash extreme nourishment and hydration for the finest skin treatment. Additionally, many of our products aid in preventing premature aging, help keep your skin youthful-looking or support fighting the appearance of cellulite to provide body firming, making your skin feel toned and radiant.


You can choose from a wide variety of tanning lotions. They provide different ways of tan enhancing, such as melanin boost, DHA bronzing or innovative tan accelerating powers. You can read more about these types here: Sunbed lotion, please! 

  1. Intensifiers – Currently Recommending… GRAND CRU
  2. White Bronzers
  3. Black Bronzers – Currently Recommending… BLACK CAVIAR 
  4. Bronzing Intensifiers – Currently Recommending… TATTOO 
  5. Tingle Lotions (only for advanced tanners)

If you are still struggling to choose the right sunbed tanning product, don’t worry! Reach out to us and we’ll help you choose the right lotion.


We’re pretty sure that for many of you tanning is the last checkpoint on your Xmas to-do list. And this is why spray tanning was invented ;)

Spray tan is a great way of getting a wonderful tan virtually in a blink of an eye. All it takes is spraying a bronzing solution by a trained professional onto your skin, letting it work for a couple of hours, taking a quick shower and… et voila! Spray tan is an absolutely safe way of making your skin bronze and can be done at home. The beach goddess effect lasts up to 10 days and to keep it vibrant and long-lasting you need to focus on moisturizing your skin as often as possible. And don’t forget to ask the spray tan artist in your area if they know Sunless by Onyx

Let’s sum it up!

  1. Remember that your skin needs at least 48h rest in between indoor tanning sessions.
  2. Adjust the frequency and length of tanning sessions–consult it with a tanning salon.
  3. Use professional indoor tanning lotions that will deepen and intensify your tan.
  4. Don’t force your tan! The best way to achieve it by gradually getting regular short tanning sessions.
  5. Don’t forget to MOISTURIZE! Your skin needs to be cared for, the best way of doing it is before tanning.


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