Summer and vacation in full sun, the sun warms up more and more, so it is necessary to remind you about everyday sun protection!

Summer and vacation in full sun, the sun warms up more and more, so it is necessary to remind you about everyday sun protection!

Summer and vacation in full sun, the sun warms up more and more, so it is necessary to remind you about everyday sun protection!

I think each of us likes to sunbathe, rest on the beach, bathe in the sea, in short - use sunny weather ... Holiday came, so it's time to mention everyday sunscreen. We are happy when the sun gives the skin a beautiful, golden color, stimulates action and warms up wonderfully, but remember not to underestimate the consequences of spending too much time on sunbathing and apply sunblock creams.

Positive influence of sunlight on our body:

Basking in the sun, our body produces, among others serotonin, or the hormone of happiness, which stimulates us to live and improves our well-being. With each new solar ray our body becomes more active and we become happier. Another important component produced under the influence of the sun is vitamin D, which is extremely important for our body. It improves immunity, efficiency of the body, reduces joint pain, prevents heart disease and even cancer. It can be produced as a result of sun exposure to the skin - then it also relieves inflammation, for example, symptoms of psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. In addition to a better mood, we also get a beautiful, dark tan.

The skin, sun-washed, is associated with exoticism and originality, which can change, enhance and enliven our image. Tan also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, pimples and other imperfections, thanks to which the skin appears smoother and healthier. In addition, if you feel better with your tan, it not only improves your appearance, but also increases your confidence and mood!

Let's answer the question why fitness players are tanned? Well, the tan visually improves the figure: it emphasizes its qualities, slims and exposes the outline of muscles. For this reason, bodybuilders use solarium, spray tanning or self-tanning cosmetics before competition.

 How can we protect ourselves against the harmful effects of the sun? 

Remember that creams with a filter should be used for a whole year, and not only during the summer. The fact is that the sun works the hardest and we need 100% protection. To protect yourself from dangerous sun rays in an effective and safe way, use sunblock. Only they will save us from unwanted side effects of sunbathing - we can not forget about it in the summer time! There is a huge number of such products on the market. Producers outdo each other in offering newer cosmetics.


On cosmetics that protect our skin from sunlight, we usually find SPF (Sun Protection Factor), meaning protection against UV radiation. SPF is characterized by the ratio of the amount of ultraviolet radiation resulting in burns when using the filter to the amount of radiation causing the same degree of burn without its use. Simply put, the SPF informs us that if a person's erythema appears after 15 minutes, after applying SPF15, it will be 15 × 15 minutes. This does not mean, however, that instead of 15 minutes, we can stay in the sun 15 times longer, because the filters are, among others, abrasive.


Wondering which filter to choose? You do not have to!

You already know our amazing balm created especially for sunbathing, which is La Playa. In addition to the SPF15 filter, which protects the skin from about 93-96% of radiation, it contains a special complex that stimulates the skin to produce more melanin up to 85%.

La Playa is characterized by everything that solar sun lovers need:

  • Has a wide spectrum of UVA and UVB protection.
  • Does not stick to and does not leave white marks on the skin.
  • Has a light formula and absorbs quickly.
  • It can be used under makeup and as a balm for daily care.
  • Adapts to every skin.
  • Tan Oleo Booster speeds up the tanning process.
  • Thanks to peach and pomegranate extracts it helps to protect against skin aging.
  • Thanks to extracts of melon and silk, it improves the nourishment and softness of the skin.
  • The content of yerba mate, lemon grass, silk, aloe and vitamin E gives the power of care in combination with firming.
  • Thanks to melatonin and vitamin E, it soothes irritations and moisturizes.


La Playa has two great features ... a fruity, holiday fragrance and a beautiful bottle!

Protection from UV radiation, acceleration of the tanning process, hydration, nourishment, firming of the skin, a very large number of extracts and a light formula - it's all La Playa! Such a product is difficult to resist during sunbathing. Look for cosmetics in good tanning salons, as well as on our website:

Be sure to let them know how to travel with La Playa!


Read a few opinions about our La Playa lotion, straight from our clients:



Patrick in May 14, 2019




Monika in Jun 21, 2019

"A great cosmetic! Beautiful smell ♡♡ "



Dominika in Jun 23, 2019

"This product is a total madness 😍 I recommend mega, the best tanning accelerator I've ever had. Each of us should have it, a total must have! "



Veronica in Jun 27, 2019

"LA Playa is a really wonderful product! He is my must-have tool every summer! Its fabulous, easily spreading consistency that absorbs quickly makes the skin stay moisturized and nourished immediately. And this is the sensational summer smell ... Something wonderful! It's definitely love at first sight! ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  "



Monika in Jun 27, 2019

"I heartily recommend! Beautiful packaging, even more beautiful fragrance! Revelation!"


Cosmetics with a filter provide not only protection against the harmful effects of sunlight, but also nurture, moisturize and guarantee maximum anti-aging protection. Have fun outdoors, sunbathe on the beach, bathe in the sea and enjoy the beautiful, sunny and burn-free summer. It is worth bringing only pleasant memories from holidays, and discoloration, wrinkles and loss of skin firmness are certainly not included in them. Do not give up sunbathing, but use it with your head and reason. Thanks to the appropriate sun protection and full responsibility, after returning from vacation your skin will repay you with a golden glow and good condition.

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