Sunbed lotion, please!

Sunbed lotion, please!

Whenever you use a sunbed, pay special attention to the skincare products you apply. This refers to lotions which enhance and prolong the tan effect, simultaneously conditioning your skin. Even though sunbeds constitute a controlled method of exposing yourself to UV rays, some troubles, such as skin dryness, may occur. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose products which help replenish you skin’s moisture easily to keep it youthful-looking. What is more, indoor tanning bronzers or intensifiers, are designed to accelerate the tanning process, thereby allowing you to reduce the length of the sunbed session and risk of overexposure to UV rays.

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Choose wisely

We are pretty sure you don’t happen to apply foot cream to your under-eye area. Just like some beauty products are meant to be used in one particular way and aim at one specific problem or goal, the same rule applies to sunbed tanning lotions which are different from other tanning products.

Basically speaking, the difference lies in the ingredients. Sunbed lotions don’t contain SPF what means they are free from any ingredients which could constitute any obstacle to the penetration of UV light into human skin. Why? The reason is simple: when using sunbeds, we can control the time – and therefore the amount – of UV light reaching our skin. We can’t do this when sunbathing since it is virtually always an uncontrollable UV exposure during which we need sun protection filters to protect our body against sunburn. Some people believe it is fine to use an SPF lotion for sunbeds; this, however, acts against the crucial goal of obtaining tan quickly. 

Here you can find products created to give you an effective and pleasant indoor tanning experience. It is a failproof way to take keep your skin healthy and pampered as the moisturizing and skin conditioning properties of the lotions prevent skin from getting dry, ease the absorption of the UV light during an indoor tanning session, counteract the aging effects and promote the longevity of your desired tanning results.



Intensifiers, also known as accelerators or maximizers, target melanin production and help achieve fast, dark tanning results. In other words, you skin is stimulated to increase the levels of pigment responsible for its dark tint. Intensifiers don’t contain any bronzing ingredients, such as DHA, erythrulose or cosmetic bronzers, what makes them the perfect tanning solution with no risk of streaks or stains. Get to know the properties of our bestselling sunbed intensifiers to choose the best one for you:

VIBE - this revolutionary Tan Intensifying Fusion will give you the decadently flawless color in the blink of an eye. The most powerful Rapid Tan Formula accelerates, deepens and prolongs the life of your sexy tan while the advanced Skin Renew Magic Blend formulated with Cupuacu Butter and Beeswax leaves your skin miraculously soft and smooth. Additionally,  the absolute best combination of Tee Tree Oil, Argan Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter unleashes extreme nourishment and hydration for the finest skin treatment.

GRAND CRU - this Exquisite Tanning Crème helps enhance and multiply skin darkening ability owing to super strong Magnified Tyrosilane™ Power. Forget sticky lotions – our ultralight formula absorbs in the blink of an eye. Go beyond your expectations with the 3-AAAdvanced  skin nourishing and anti-aging blend of Avocado Oil, Almond Oil and Aloe Vera. Panthenol takes loving care of your tan skin proper moisturizing.

BOOSTER – strong dark tan intensifier, helps enhance the tanning process for a rich golden tan while skin conditioning blend of Vitamin E and Ginseng Extract helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Wealthy combination of Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Extract and Macadamia Oil helps saturate the skin and replenish moisture for overall improved smoothness. Aloe sooths irritation and helps balance skin hydration.

NO 5 GOLD - a powerful tan accelerator formulated with MelanoBooster™ which stimulates the production of melanin in your skin to a get a beautiful tan in a miminum amount of time. Enriched with skin regenerators, such as Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe, Hemp Seed Oil and Shea Butter, No 5 Gold aids in moisturizing dry skin, while a fusion of Ginger and Wild Rose extracts helps fight the signs of aging, keeping tanned skin smooth and supple.



If you want to enhance the sun-kissed look on your skin and deepen the dark tan effect you obtain when using sunbeds, bronzers are the answer. We decided to split this group of lotions into two main categories: white bronzers and black bronzers. The difference consists in the color texture, intensity and immediacy of the effect.

White lotion texture (with no colorants) of White Bronzers is a carrier of powerful amounts of DHA and erythrulose to give your skin long lasting bronzed results and an amazing color which continues to develop even for a couple of hours after the UV exposure.

Black Bronzers feature high levels of natural and cosmetic bronzers to ensure no-wait and delayed insanely dark results. Perfect for advanced tanners and those who impatiently crave to see the effect right upon applying the lotion on the skin.


Some of our bestselling white bronzers are:

No 5 BLACK - Formulated with TRUbronzeTM complex and Monk’s Pepper, this white bronzer increases immediate pigmentation for unprecedented deep, dark bronze color. Bathe your skin in deeply hydrating fusion of Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe and Soya Oil to replenish your skin’s moisture balance and to make it silky, soft and smooth. Treat your skin to the nourishing vitamin boost (A+E+C+B3) and pamper it with the soothing properties of Panthenol. 

BLACK PORCELAIN - a Premium White-To-Dark Bronzer which provides perfectly deep, just off the beach dream color. Our superior fusion of DHA, Erythrulose and Juglon allows skin to continue to darken even after UV exposure, for the darkest tan imaginable with no streaking or staining. Let the unique conditioning blend of Black Pearl, Aloe and Honey help keep your skin hydrated, supple and fresh looking while achieving that gorgeous color. Luxurious Black Rose combined with Avocado, rich in vitamins A, E, D,provide powerful antioxidants to target the signs of aging. 


Advanced tanners often opt for these black bronzers:

BLACK CAVIAR - specially designed to enhance your tan for that impeccable bronze hue, Majestic Multi-X Bronzing Complex will satisfy the expectations of every advanced tanner. Black Caviar combines this unique blend of ultra-dark tanning ingredients and Luxe Nourishment Base full of dermal conditioners to make your skin perfectly hydrated and luminous. Powerful moisturizing and firming agents, such as Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Caffeine and Coenzyme A, leave your skin feeling smooth and splendidly nourished.

 BLACK CASHMERE - its advanced Ultra Bronzing Blend will take you several shades darker in just one tanning session. Our unique Body Indulgence Fusion, formulated with Cucui Oil, Pomegranate Extract and Aloe Vera, leaves the skin soft, smooth and feeling like silk. Caffeine restores firmness and reduces the appearance of cellulite, while Passiflora helps fight free radicals and protects skin against signs of aging. We added Hemp Oil for extra moisturizing and nourishment.


Bronzing intensifiers

Why have one if you can have two in one? This explains how our bronzing intensifiers work: they combine the properties of both bronzers and intensifiers. Powerful 2 in 1 blend accelerates the tanning process and simultaneously enhances the desired color. Here are some of our multitasking sunbed lotions:

SHE - Bronzing Intensifier for Women enhanced with groundbreaking B-Shape complex for skin’s visibly better elasticity, softness and overall appearance. Keep your skin glowy and refreshed with Orange Blossom Rain, while Black Rose extract leaves your skin silkier and younger looking than ever before. Tamanu Oil, known as the “Oil of the gods”, helps to smooth and hydrate the skin, while Peach and Melon extracts provide it with perfect luminosity. 

HE - powerful and quickly-absorbing Bronzing Intensifier for Men. Pronalen Sport Re-Energizer, composed of precious sea components, ensures optimum level of macroelements. Pomegranate, rich in antioxidants, helps neutralize free radicals, thereby giving your skin a younger appearance. Silk and Sesame Oil help keep your skin properly hydrated and smooth.


Add a little bit of luxury to your sunbed session with:

MAGNIFIQUE - Powerful combo of DHA, Erythrulose and Tyrosine with tan accelerating ingredients (Sesame Oil + Tamanu Oil + Walnut Oil) will fulfill your wildest fantasies of an immediate and longer lasting color. Our breakthrough Push-Up Complex, supported with the cellulite-fighting power of Coffee and Yerba Mate extracts, helps provide intense body firming, making your skin feel toned, youthful and radiant. For flawless effects, Lemon Grass extract leaves your skin feeling lusciously refreshed and soft.

NOIR NOIR - Miraculous fusion of bronzers and enhancers (DHA, Erythrulose, Monoi Oil) helps deliver the perfect shade of dream dark color. Lavish and spoil your skin with deluxe Orchid and Silk extracts for an unparalleled skin smoothness and amazing nourishment. Mystic Oil, a wealthy combination of Myrrh Extract, Red Palm, Olive and Argan oils, conditions your skin and provides a luxurious feel, while age-defying and skin rejuvenating extracts of Pomegranate and Melon help you enjoy a youthful looking glow.


Tingle lotions

Are you an advanced tanner who likes the hot sensation during the sunbed session? Then you will fall in love with our tingle lotions. How does it work? Tingle lotions contain special ingredients which increase the skin cell's oxygenation and microcirculation to produce dark tanning results. They deliver a warming, reddening and slightly itchy effect on the skin which disappears after up to a couple of hours after the tanning session. Tingles should not be used by those who have sensitive skin. These lotions work best on hard-to-tan body parts, such as legs, but should not be used on the face.



HOT ACTION – with this sunbed lotion one tanning session is enough to get a fabulous chocolate tan. Owing to citrus aurantium extract Hot Action stimulates the natural process of melanin production. It is enriched with chamomile extract that soothes irritations.

V8 – this 8th dimension bronzer stimulates your senses with tingle effect and accelerates the natural tan effect. Mango extract nourishes and pampers your skin. Green tea extract and aloe vera sooth irritations and stimulate skin regeneration. V8 is enriched with shea butter to provide appropriate hydration and the most important vitamins to make your skin look young, smooth and healthy.


Which type of sunbed lotions do you usually choose? Which of the ones listed above are you tempted to try?


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