Tanning for men - hit or miss?

Tanning for men - hit or miss?

It's a well known fact that the vast majority of tanning salon customers are women. Does this mean that men do not tan at all? In today's article, we will take a closer look at the phenomenon of "male" tanning and present helpful tanning tips for men.

Do guys tanning in sunbeds?

It might seem that tanning salons have long gone out of fashion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Salons are currently experiencing a renaissance. What's more, the number of supporters keeps growing, and among them there are not only women, but more and more often men. While it shouldn't come as a surprise that women strive for a perfect tan, men queuing for tanning salon cause quite a stir.

It is true that just a few years ago men avoided places such as tanning or beauty salons. However, the growing desire to take better care of their bodies means that you can find a man using sunbed a lot more often. To be honest, we don't understand where this surprise is coming from. After all, a visit to a tanning salon is the same routine as a visit to the barber or a trip to the gym. And this doesn't surprise anyone, right?

Why are tanning salons becoming more and more popular among men?

The increasingly long queues to tanning salons speak for themselves. Why are men more and more willing to visit tanning salons? Here's the answer!

First of all, a tanning salon is the fastest option for obtaining beautiful skin tone. How to tan safely for men? Only 5 - 8 minutes are enough to safely achieve a satysfying effect. Of course, it is worth repeating the treatment after a few days to enhance the results and extend the durability of the tan. Even if we visit the tanning salon three times a week, we will spend less than half an hour taking care of the perfect appearance of our body.

Secondly, the tanning salon gives almost immediate results. How can a man tan without burning? To avoid burning you should follow all the rules of safe tanning. Remember that the skin will become more and more bronze hour by hour after the tanning session. The final effect can be evaluated only after approximately 24 hours. However, compared to traditional sunbathing, tanning in a salon produces immediate results.

Thirdly, the tanning salon takes care of the appearance of our body. Have you ever wondered why personal trainers and bodybuilders are always perfectly (and evenly) tanned? There is no doubt that a tanned body looks more attractive and healthier. In addition, a tan helps to highlight defined muscles. That is why men who regularly exercise at the gym, visit tanning salons more and more often.

How to strengthen and accelerate tanning?

Gentlemen, now that you have decided to tan, we have something for you that will make it a lot easier. However, there are still many unanswered questions. How to tan for guys? Should you use mens sunbed cream? Here we reviewed and prepared a list of the most effective sunbed accelerators that were created specifically with you in mind!

Our biggest bestseller is the HE tanning cream for men with bronzer. As the name suggests, it is intended only for men. This men's sunbed tan enhancer, in addition to tan accelerating properties, also contains bronzing ingredients. What does it mean? This sunbed lotion will make your tan appear much faster and the results will be even more intense. Of course, perfect bronze tone is not everything. We have not forgotten about proper body care. The formula composed of marine algae will ensure the proper level of macroelements. In addition, sesame oil will moisturise the skin, and antioxidants and pomegranate extract will leave it smooth and firm.



We also have something for men who visit tanning salons on regular basis. Sunbed cream with tingle effect Magma provides lightning-fast color enhancement and unforgettable impressions during each tanning session. Bronzing ingredients in this type of cosmetics penetrate the skin, improve circulation and deliver an extreme dark bronze tanning results after just one treatment. Important! Due to the strong effect of the lotion, which may be accompanied by tingling and a slight burning sensation, it is recommended to be used only by advanced tanning salon users.



The season's favorite, Toscana, is a sunbed bronzer lotion with an incredibly effective combination of Erythrulose and DHA. It also contains monoi oil, which supports the tan formation process and extends its durability. We cannot forget about other ingredients, such as natural oils, anti-cellulite oil and vitamin E. They delay the first signs of aging, restore skin elasticity and regenerate the epidermis.



Tanning salon for men - yes, yes and YES!

Fast, effective and even - these three words perfectly answer the question why men are more and more willing to use tanning salon services. Men want to take care of their appearance and everything indicates that they know how to do it. That is why there are more and more cosmetics available on the market specifically intended for men, including tanning cream for sunbeds. "Men tanning" definitely became a hit in recent years.

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