Tanning Salon Essentials

Tanning Salon Essentials


As an owner of a tanning salon you need to make an effort to offer your customers a professional and pleasant tanning experience. However, even if you strive for nothing but an exemplary customer service and equip your studio with cutting-edge sunbeds, just like with any other service, the devil’s in the detail.

This short article presents items which should be available in your tanning studio to improve the tanning experience of your customers and the overall quality of the services you provide there.

 Glowing salon essentials

It’s common knowledge that tanning lamps, or tanning tubes, are the indispensable part of each tanning equipment. These days, however, a wide variety of tanning lamps enables choosing the special properties alongside the tanning function. For instance, your sunbeds can be equipped with lamps emitting Red Light to help improve the youthful appearance of your skin or other types of so-called hybrid lamps which give your skin more than just pretty tan. If not regulated by law, it is suggested to diversify the sunbeds by installing different sorts of lamps with varied intensity in order to give your customers a chance to adjust the tanning power to their needs and expectations.

 Never tan naked, wear a lotion

These days professional indoor tanning lotions are salon essentials and an obligatory stage of ‘tan creation’. Bronzers, intensifiers and other types of these lotions are necessary to accelerate the tanning process and to provide the tanner’s skin with the skincare agents which keep it properly moisturized and nourished. When a tanner skips that stage, the skin is more prone to dryness and, as a result, premature aging. What is more, the epidermis which is not moisturized enough behaves like fish scales which hinder the absorption of UV rays, thereby impeding the tanning process.

To get to know more about the importance of indoor tanning lotions go here: https://www.onyxtan.eu/blogs/blog/sunbed-lotion-please.

 Keep it squeaky clean

Simply speaking, some things cannot be skipped or ignored. It’s vital to keep the tanning salon clean for your clients, mostly because of the hygienic and safety reasons. What is more, obviously no customer wants to lay down on a dirty tanning bed and see hair or dust all over the floor; what a customer expects is a relaxing treatment in an orderly and clean setting. Cleanliness of the tanning studio refers not only to the well-kept tanning equipment but also to all the surfaces which collect the particles of dust or dirt, even if they are not easily accessible by customers, such as fans or switches. To keep the place properly cleaned it is crucial to choose a disinfectant or a disinfection liquid which has been certified and accredited for use in accordance with the law of the your country or region. The sanitation standards also include providing paper towels, hand sanitizers and - if expected by your customers – disposable underwear.

While some parts or areas of the tanning salon can be cleaned daily or even weekly, the sunbed surfaces, buttons and handles must be disinfected after each customer with a sunbed cleaner. To let your customers know that the equipment is ready to use, put a sanitized sign once you finish cleaning it.

 Make it comfortable

Even though the tanning treatment does not take a long time, you should take care of the customer’s comfort. You can do this by providing items such as make-remover or make up removing wipes. Some tanning studios place a set of wet wipes and deodorants to give the tanners a chance to feel refreshed after the session. Another small object which makes a big difference and improves the feeling of relaxation is a foam pillow or a sunbed headrest. (Which needs to be disinfected after each use, of course.) Another good idea is to offer your customers free water or beverages in order to replenish the moisture loss and to improve their overall experience in your place.

 Safety first

As mentioned earlier, keeping the place clean is indisputably the key aspect of running the tanning business. However, there are a few more things which are needed to guarantee the safety of using sunbeds.

Since the excessive eye exposure to UV rays can constitute a danger to the eyesight and can impair the vision, it is necessary to use eye protecting googles during each sunbed session. They should be disinfected after each use and made available for customers in an easily accessible place. Some customers may prefer having a pair of these googles on their own so include them in your offer or add as an extra to their purchase of a tanning lotion or a series of sunbed sessions.

Finally, to take care of the tanners’ skin it is crucial to inform them about the importance of using sunbed lotions. Keeping the skin well-nourished and moisturized is another dimension of safety and anti-aging protection.


Keep a record

Regardless of the tanning frequency of your customers you should use a system which gathers data about them. This does not refer to any sensitive personal records but to the information which helps improve their tanning experience. In most cases these days this can be done with the use of computer software for tanning studios which keeps track of the frequency and length of the tanning session but also enables collecting information about the customer’s skin type, expected results or even purchased lotions. A good practice is to ask your clients to fill in a short form or a questionnaire which states their skin type and includes the list of tanning contraindications to make sure they use sunbed reasonably. (You can find a sample list here: https://www.onyxtan.eu/blogs/blog/are-you-using-sunbeds-here-are-some-facts-probably-nobody-has-told-you-about.)

A majority of your customers visit your tanning studio on regular basis. It is a good idea to think of a way of appreciating them as loyal clients. Tanning loyalty cards can ensure your customers some additional discounts or freebies they can get from you when visiting your tanning salon regularly.




Onyx strives to provide you with all the products, supplies, and equipment, as well as the information you may need, all in one convenient place. If you are a distributor or a tanning salon owner, please contact us for an individual offer of sunbed supplies.



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