The best positions for tanning bed!

The best positions for tanning bed!

It is not enough just to go to a solarium to enjoy a beautiful body gently tinged with chocolate shade. You also need to remember about certain rules. Proper position is very important. Incorrect positioning of the body can contribute to an uneven tan. Therefore, if you want to get a great result, you should read this article. Especially for you, we've gathered the perfect positions to make your tan come true!

What positions will give you a beautifully and evenly tanned body?

First, take care of your legs and thighs. Lie flat on your back in such a way that as much of the inner thigh area as possible is not exposed to light. In addition, remember to gently modify your position from time to time. To do this, raise your legs, gently bend your knees and touch your heel to the surface of the bed. If you want an even tan on your backside, lie on your stomach and support your legs with your toes. This will prevent your lower legs and thighs from coming into contact with the bed. Your neck and shoulders will look perfectly tanned if you support your chin with your hands.

What cosmetics work well in a tanning bed?

Proper position is not enough to enjoy a fantastic tanned body. It is important to choose the right cosmetics to support this process. It is worth reaching for our bestsellers. One of them is SEXY LEGS Double Bronzer for legs and hard-to-tan body parts. It has a unique formula combining coffee, yerba mate, coconut oil, erythrulose and DHA. Thanks to this mixture, it will not only give you a beautiful tan, but it will also take care of your skin in the full possible meaning of the word. It will be smooth and elastic. Additionally, vitamin E and C will protect it against the signs of aging.

Are you looking for a cosmetic that guarantees an even stronger effect? No problem! Especially for you we also have a strong bronzer VERY SEXY LEGS with a warming tingle effect stimulating your senses. In addition, green tea extract helps to fight cellulite effectively. And mango extract contains vitamins that will make your skin smooth and delicate. Algae and wonderful jojoba oil will make your skin simply perfect!

Finally, we have something for your face, as it needs special care while tanning. The ANTI-AGING Bronzing Accelerator has a sedge extract which takes care of the epidermal barrier. It thus protects against water loss. Moreover, it protects against premature aging. Vitamin E effectively fights free radicals and aloe vera guarantees soothing even for very sensitive skin.

Have a nice and safe tan!

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