Tanned woman at the beach - What are the benefits of tanning?

What are the benefits of tanning?

A sunny tan gives the skin a healthy and lustrous glow. But those aren’t the only benefits! What are the others? Stay with us to discover more surprising secrets of tanning!

Tanning – the benefits

It makes you look more attractive

Sun-kissed skin is associated with exoticism, which can alter your image slightly and make it more attractive. A tan can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and other imperfections, making your skin appear younger and smoother. Besides, if you feel better with a tan, it not only improves your look but also boosts your confidence!

It enhances your figure

Why do bodybuilders tan? A tan improves the visual appearance of the body: it emphasizes its advantages, slims you down and defines muscles. That’s exactly why bodybuilders use sunbed, spray tanning or self-tanning lotion before competitions.

It boosts your mood

Do you feel relaxed and generally happier after sunbathing? No wonder – it stimulates glands to release hormones (e.g., serotonin) that affect well-being. Depressed mood characteristic of the autumn-winter season is due to a lower exposure to sunlight, which results in the production of a smaller amount of certain hormones.

It affects vitamin D synthesis

Vitamin D is essential for your body to function properly. It’s worth keeping in mind that you can supply it not only with food (such as sea fish or dairy), but also through UVB radiation.

Tanning – what's what?

What are the benefits of tanning? We think that we mensioned the most important! Choose the right form of tanning for your needs. Regardless of whether you’re bronzed skin is the result of tanning on the beach or in a tanning bed, remember that moderation is key. How to get tanned without getting burnt? >> Read our article here to find out! [CLICK HERE]

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