Sunless by Onyx No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Why is Sunless by Onyx No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse the best fake tan product you have ever used?

If you are a fake tan fan or even if you use it just occasionally, you have probably gone through quite a few self tanning products. Sometimes you liked the result but the ingredients made you cringe. Some other time you liked the formula but you had to apply the product with a clothespin on your nose (you know, that yucky smell). Of course some products smelled nice, had quite a decent INCI list but the stains and patches on your skin killed the joy. And then one day you came across this page, saw Sunless by Onyx No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and... your search for the ultimate self tanner is over. Let us explain briefly why.

 It's all about nature

The idea behind Sunless by Onyx No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse was to create a product which is as natural as possible. Bearing this in mind, we created a self-tanning formula based on tanning components of 100% natural origin, including DHA and Erythrulose. In other words, no artificial stuff makes your skin bronze. You may be wondering why the solution color is brown. It's the Caramel (of 100% natural origin, of course) that gives it that dark tint. You may have heard of colorless, lucid tanning products but we decided to keep ours chocolate-dark to make it easier for you to apply them. When you smooth the (dark) tanning foam over your skin, it leaves traces of color so that you know where you have already applied the product and you reduce the risk of an uneven tanning result. Coming back to nature: No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse aims not only at giving you the perfect self-tan effect. It is enriched with botanical skincare actives which promote the nourishment of your skin, such as Organic Aloe, Black Rose and Coconut Extract, both of 99.5% natural origin. When you pump a cloud of foam, you will immediately smell the yummiest and mouthwatering orange fragrance. We are pretty sure you will enjoy it even more when you realize it's a scent of 100% natural origin, derived from the essential oils.

 The WOW tan effect

Yes, we are bragging over the natural dimension of our mousse but we never forget the fundamental point of using self-tanners. It is the lovely sun-kissed or amazingly dark, off-the-beach tan color that brought us here. First of all, No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse is available in two shades: Medium and Dark. While the former is perfect for people of light complexion, the latter is in line with the expectations of people with darker skin tones. This fake tan will never leave you orange or green - the only color we accept is the dreamy brown one. It takes just a few hours (we recommend 4 to 5) to enjoy the effect you have wanted. All it takes is a standard spray tan get-ready ritual: skin exfoliation (with an oil-free body scrub or a rough sponge or a loofa), standard hair removal and no lotions of other cosmetics on your skin when you apply the self tanner. To make your tan last even up to a week (or even longer, as some reviewers testified), pay special attention to moisturizing your skin as often as possible. As mentioned earlier, our tanning mousse is easy-peasy to apply. It all starts with a bottle shake and pumping a cloud of foam onto a glove or directly to a hand. It spreads so smoothly that you won't even notice when your body is covered from head to toes. The tacky residue after your self-tan session is one of the most loathsome feelings and this is why No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse absorbs in a blink of an eye and you lose the chance to feel as sticky as a fly trap.

 Tanning with a peace of mind

We know that using certified components, testing products beforehand and keeping them free from all the unwanted ingredients, such as harsh chemicals, is highly important for you. You will never find toxic additives inside the bottle of our tanning mousse. What is more, it is paraben, SLS & SLES free, and was never tested on our furry friends. Another matter which sets this product apart from other fake-tan cosmetics is our no-waste labeling policy. We print the product labels only when needed, thereby avoiding any excess trash. As you can see, the label itself is really minimalist, with black print only and with no shiny, glittery or other fancy effects. Now, looking at the picture of our product you may say "Oh, but the bottle is made of plastic"; yes, you're right - but we are keeping our eyes open all the time and when an eco pump bottle appears, we will surely use it for our products. Until this happens, please remember to use the product up, get rid of the label and put the empty bottle in the right trashcan because it is recyclable.

 Cheers to all skin types and tones

The last but not least thing you should know about Sunless by Onyx No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse is that this product can be safely used as a facial tanner and is suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry, from young to mature. As you already know, there are two colors available but if need a one between, please feel free to mix them. Our bottle capacity is 5.07 fl oz (150 ml) - enough for up to 10 full body applications. All the guidelines are listed on the label but if you happen to have any questions, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

 To sum it up: our Sunless by Onyx No-Lie Self Tan Bronzing Mousse can be called the Fake Tan Mr Right. Its righteousness means the blend of organic and natural ingredients which not only guarantee the dream tan effect but also give your skin a dose of nourishment. This tanning foam is free from any unwanted ingredients. Its carefully designed formula meets the expectations of those who hate sticky residue and like to keep the self-tanning process short and sweet. This product can be safely used on the face and for all skin types. Color Medium goes well with lighter skin tones, while Dark is suitable for tanners with darker complexion. You will fall in love with the yummy (and 100% natural origin) orange fragrance but your tan which will never be orange. All you need to do is to give this tanning mousse a try during your next self-tan session.


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