Winter doesn't have to equal pale skin!

Winter doesn't have to equal pale skin!

The perfect brown for winter

A beautiful soft tan looks very nice! The body looks slimmer and no imperfections are visible on the face. However, you can also enjoy your golden body color all year round. There are great ways to not only get the sun-kissed look you're looking for, but also to keep your skin looking young and fresh.

All you need to do is introducing the right products into your diet and make use of the cosmetics we have prepared especially for you. So sit back and get ready for something really special.


Start with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals

Scientific studies confirm that there are two ways to get beautiful skin color: carotenoids and melanin. The former comes from fruits and vegetables, while the latter is the result of tanning in the sun or in a solarium. Therefore, a gentle effect can be obtained by making small changes in your daily menu. So, your composed meals should include yams, kale, spinach, mangoes, or tomatoes. By doing so, you will also improve the appearance of your skin. You will delight in softness, as well as a young, fresh and healthy complexion!


Natural care hidden in cosmetics

Winter treatment should also be combined with the use of natural bronzing cosmetics and tan enhancers. They will ensure not only the effect of sun-kissed skin, but also provide excellent care and nourishment.

Additionally, they will provide the necessary ingredients and active substances from the outside. In the composition you will find various plant materials, which are responsible for the natural production of melanin. Natural oils will provide the skin with maximum hydration, delay the aging process and will be a perfect barrier against the negative influence of external factors. If used regularly, you will enjoy a golden tan even throughout the whole year. Winter will not prevent you from looking stunning at every party or meeting with friends. Whether it's snowing or sunny outside you will always have radiant, smooth and nourished skin!  We have prepared a unique product especially for you. The Mysteryma tanning accelerator with collagen synthesis activator for a dark tan contains components from the depths of the sea which will restore the natural balance, as well as intensively hydrate your skin. Collagen and Melanin Dynamic intensify and consolidate the tan. The unique composition consisting of oils, coconut butter, coconut oil and aloe vera creates a barrier protecting against water loss from the epidermis. There is also vitamin E, which is referred to as the vitamin of youth. With it you will forget about wrinkles for a long time!


Also noteworthy is Sexy Legs, a double bronzer for legs, as well as areas that are difficult to tan. This effect is made possible by DHA and erythrulose. What's more, the advantage is also a wonderful combination of coffee, yerba mate and coconut oil, which smooth the skin and make it more elastic. Also, Vitamin C and E protect against the signs of aging. We are also offering Happy bronzer, which stimulates the production of endorphins. The formula has an anti-stress effect. It was also enriched with fruit extracts from apple, kiwi and coconut, which promote epidermis regeneration. Proteins combined with vitamins will make your complexion charming with vitality and smoothness!

Winter does not have to mean pale skin! With Onyx Cosmetics, you'll get a soft golden glow and be the queen or king of every party. What's more, you will receive the necessary minerals and vitamins from the outside to nourish and moisturize your complexion. Combine this with a healthy diet and you have the perfect result!

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