What to use for tanning in a tanning bed?

What to use for tanning in a tanning bed?

Planning a visit to a tanning salon? Remember to take care of your skin. One of the most important steps is choosing the right products. What tanning lotion should you choose? Let us guide you!

Why is using tanning lotions so important?

Keep in mind that tanning in a tanning bed is a professional treatment, and your skin requires proper care before it. Therefore, it is crucial to use recommended lotions. Do not use drugstore products that are not tested in the demanding conditions of tanning beds.

Our website offers a wide range of products that will provide you with maximum protection and take good care of your skin both before and after each tanning session. Specialized lotions speed up the tanning process and make your tan look healthier and darker. By using tanning bed cosmetics, you utilize 100% of your tanning time.

Tanning “dry” can seriously harm your skin, excessively drying it out and causing premature aging.

Which tanning lotion to choose? Accelerators, bronzers, and tingle


Depending on the tanning product you choose, it will speed up the tanning process, enhance the results, extend their duration, and ensure proper hydration and nourishment while soothing your skin after a tanning session. Our offer includes a wide range of products, from tanning accelerators to bronzers and lotions with a tingle effect.

Tanning accelerators

Tanning accelerators provide beautiful tanning results at a remarkably fast pace. They stimulate melanin production in the skin (the pigment responsible for pigmentation), thus accelerating the tanning process. Accelerators usually have a white cosmetic mass and are recommended for beginner tanning bed users.

VIBE ensures a flawless tan in no time thanks to the revolutionary Tan Intensifying Fusion. The combination of macadamia oil and coconut oil guarantees intense hydration and nourishment, directly affecting the longevity of your tan.

GRAND CRU significantly enhances the tanning process's effectiveness with its more efficient tyrosine formula. Its ultra-light formula absorbs quickly. Vitamin E delays skin aging, while aloe soothes post-tanning irritations.

BOOSTER is a unique tanning accelerator that allows you to achieve your desired tan incredibly quickly. Mango extract nourishes the skin, and sweet almond oil moisturizes it. Algae extract improves skin tone, while antioxidants and vitamin E prevent premature skin aging.

Bronzing accelerators

Bronzing accelerators have a dual action. They speed up the tanning process and deepen the brown shade of the tan. In other words, it's an accelerator and bronzer in one! This is an excellent solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of time tanning in the sun or frequently visiting the tanning bed. Our offer includes products specifically for women and men.

SHE is a lotion designed especially for women. The revolutionary B-Shape complex improves body contour, making the skin more elastic and smooth. SHE lotion is enriched with anti-aging ingredients. Tamanu oil, known as the "oil of the gods," and black rose extract support proper skin hydration, making it look healthy and radiant.

HE, a bronzing accelerator for men, has an ultra-light formula that absorbs quickly. The innovative Pronalen Sport Re-Energizer complex, composed of marine algae, ensures proper macroelement levels. Rich in antioxidants and pomegranate extract, it helps neutralize free radicals, maintaining youthful skin. Silk and sesame oil additionally ensure proper skin hydration and smoothness.
We also recommend products from the luxury collection, especially

MAGNIFIQUE. Thanks to the composition of DHA, erythrulose, and tyrosine, combined with tanning-enhancing ingredients (sesame oil, tamanu oil, and walnut extract), you can enjoy quick and deep effects. The innovative Push-Up complex, strengthened by the anti-cellulite power of coffee and yerba mate extracts, supports skin firming and helps maintain a youthful appearance.
Bronzing lotions
When your skin is already sun-kissed, it's worth preserving the achieved effect and deepening the tan. To do this, reach for bronzers, products with bronzing properties.

SUNCOLADA is one of the white bronzers, meaning it has a light cosmetic mass. However, don't be fooled, as the lotion contains a complex of three bronzing ingredients: DHA, erythrulose, and cocoa butter, maximizing tanning effects. Additionally, it contains the HappySkin formula, which has proven anti-stress effects and improves mood.

BLACK CAVIAR, our undisputed bestseller, is a black bronzer with the strongest Multi-X Bronzing formula (including both cosmetic and natural bronzing ingredients). It deepens the effect of already tanned skin by up to three tones! But that's not all. The lotion is rich in nourishing ingredients (coconut oil, avocado oil) and has anti-cellulite properties (guarana and coffee extracts).

Tingle effect cosmetics

For true tanning enthusiasts, we recommend products with a tingle effect. These cosmetics provide maximum results in the shortest possible time. How is this possible? They increase microcirculation, felt as a gentle tingling and burning sensation of the skin. This makes the tan develop much faster, and the effects are significantly stronger.

MAGMA is a triple bronzer with a tingle effect, providing satisfying results after just one tanning session. The lotion contains an anti-cellulite oil composed of unique ingredients that effectively firm the skin, leaving it incredibly tight, while aloe supports the skin's regeneration process.
V8 is an intense bronzer with tingle for men. In addition to deep effects, men often choose it for its fast-absorbing formula and rich nourishing ingredients like aloe extract and shea butter, as well as firming ingredients like grape extract and vitamin E.


Choosing the right tanning lotion is one of the most important decisions when preparing for a visit to the tanning salon. Accelerators, bronzing accelerators, bronzers, or tingle – the choice of product depends on many factors (your skin type, tanning level, session intensity, and personal preferences). If you are unsure which lotion to choose, the tanning salon staff will be happy to assist you.

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