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Black Porcelain - White-To-Dark Sunbed Cream with Bronzer

Black Porcelain - White-To-Dark Sunbed Cream with Bronzer

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This Premium White-To-Dark Bronzer provides a gradual tan. Our superior fusion of bronzers allows your skin to continue to darken even after one tanning session for the darkest tan imaginable with no streaking or staining.

Why is this lotion so special?

  • White-To-Dark. Black Porcelain is not black but makes your tan as dark as black bronzers powered by our special White-To-Dark formula with multiple bronzing ingredients such as DHA, Erythrulose, and Juglone.
  • Anti-streak. White sunbed bronzing lotion with a lightweight formula leaves no stains or streaks on your skin and clothes.
  • One tanning session. Everything you need to achieve a gradual tan - your skin is getting darker by the hour after a tanning session.
  • Extreme hydration. Experience an ultra-moisturised skin for perfect tattoo protection thanks to all-natural ingredients such as Honey, Aloe Vera, and Black Pearl.
  • Healthy skin. This white tanning cream with bronzer takes care of your skin condition - the unique blend of luxurious ingredients such as Black Rose, Avocado, and Vitamins A, E, and D keeps your skin revitalised.
  • Anti-aging & anti-wrinkle. The powerful anti-aging peptide in our suntan lotion with tan accelerator and bronzer reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for young-looking skin.

Volume: 200 ml

Fragrance: Tropical Wonderland (mango, peach, orange, musk).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Super Creme

Zieht schnell ein angenehmes hautgefühl

Intensiviert Bräune

Die Tube ist schon fast aufgebraucht und ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Meine natürliche Bräune hat sich noch einmal wunderbar intensiviert und weder einen Gelb- oder Orangestich. Ich trage die Creme schon zu Hause direkt nach dem Duschen auf, lasse sie möglichst lange einziehen und ziehe erst dann locker sitzende Kleidung an, reinige gründlich die Handinnenflächen und Fingernägel & fahre zum Solarium. Dort creme ich noch einmal vor allem die Beine nach und sonne mich dann. Nach dieser Prozedur entspanne ich mich zu Hause und dusche erst am nächsten Morgen wieder. Sicher riecht die Haut nicht gerade angenehm nach dem Solarium, aber das halte ich aus;-) Das Ergebnis lohnt sich! Die Bräune ist richtig schön gleichmässig und ich bekomme viele Komplimente. Merci & gern wieder!

Dawn Loma

This lotion, at first I thought it was not what it claims to be; however, the reason I thought that is because the bronzer in it is more subtle than others but with consistency it builds a natural color that is not orange or streaky like other bronzers. It helps you steadily achieve the desired effect over time without the orange, streaky, fake tan look. I tend to mix mine with an intensifier to get darker faster. I would love to implement a strong tingle factor if I could find one not infused with bronzers that turn me orange and streaky.

Amazing color-fast!

Used this only 3 times and I see a huge improvement in my color. Beautiful tan and I only tan maybe twice a week. I just ordered another bottle and plan to use the tanning bed more often. Can’t wait to see the tan that’s coming!!! Smell is not bad.

Lynn Williams

Fragrance , ease in using