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Face & Body Self Tanner Mousse for 1 Hour Express Tanning - Bronzing Tanning Foam with Accelerator

Face & Body Self Tanner Mousse for 1 Hour Express Tanning - Bronzing Tanning Foam with Accelerator

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Introducing our Face & Body Self Tanner Mousse for 1 Hour Express Tanning, the ultimate solution for those seeking a quick, flawless tan that's easy to achieve and long-lasting. Say goodbye to the sun's harmful rays and the wait associated with traditional tanning methods. With this innovative self-tanner, you can enjoy a stunning, deep bronze tan in just one hour. Our unique formula combines the benefits of quick development and deep bronzing to give you a natural, sun-kissed glow without the hassle.

One of the standout features of our self-tanner is its ability to provide excellent coverage, wrapping your face and body to conceal skin imperfections effortlessly. Those uneven skin tones and blemishes? They'll be a distant memory as this mousse works its magic, leaving you with smooth, even skin that enhances your natural beauty.

Using our Face & Body Self Tanner Mousse for 1 Hour Express Tanning is straightforward. START with clean, exfoliated skin to ensure an even application. PUMP a small amount of the mousse onto an applicator mitt or your hands, and then spread it evenly across your body, blending it well for a flawless finish. FOR THE FACE, use a smaller amount and apply with care, avoiding the eye area. ALLOW the mousse to dry for a few minutes before getting dressed, and then let it work its magic over the next hour. You'll be amazed at the beautiful, natural-looking tan that develops in such a short time.

In summary, our self-tanning mousse offers the benefits of quick, flawless tanning, deep moisturization, easy application, and a delightful caramel fragrance. Say hello to a convenient, beautiful tan without the wait, the sun's harmful rays, or the unpleasant scent of traditional tanning products. With our self-tanner, you can effortlessly embrace a radiant, sun-kissed look, enhancing your confidence and style. So, why wait? Get ready to experience the joy of easy, beautiful tanning!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Crystal in NC
Looks natural and easy to apply

I like that the color isn't super orange. It looks like a real tan. It doesn't small bad. It stays on for a few days (3-4) even after regular showers. I will buy again.

1 hour tan

I love the lightweight feel of this product. 1 pump covers a good amount of area. This product gave me an even tan. Not as dark as I preferred but somehow it still looked amazing. I love that it didn't irritate my sensitive skin & no orange tone.

Megan Cusack
Use lightly

I had decent success with this self-tanner. I have found the key is to add it in layers. If you try to put on a ton at once, it will end up looking orange. Do a light layer, rub it in well and wait. Maybe even till the next day. See if you are satisfied with the color and then repeat if you feel it's too light. Overall, this is a pretty good product. I don't have the time to work on my tan, plus i'm too old to pretend I don't know about sun damage. This is a healthier way to go for your skin. 9/10 would order again.

Lightweight and effective

Love the way this is lightweight and doesn't leave you feeling super sticky and residue afterwards. Has a very pleasant smell and seems to work fast with daily use!

Love it…. No streaks, nice tint

This got me 3 shades darker. It applied on the skin smoothly without any streak marks. It smells nice. Sort of a coconut scent to it.I now live in MO and it seems like spring is fighting to kick winter out the way. Which means, it’s still randomly cold right now and I haven’t been able to catch some sun. I’ve definitely lightened up this past winter and miss my tan. This has gotten me just a few shades closer. I got a little bit more to go and I’ll be back to my natural color.