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Sexy Legs - Sunbed Cream for Perfectly Tanned Legs

Sexy Legs - Sunbed Cream for Perfectly Tanned Legs

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Tired of pale legs? Sexy Legs is a sunbed tanning cream created to provide the darkest, luminous colour for your legs and hard-to-tan body parts. This tanning cream for sunbeds is fast-absorbing, so you don't have to worry about any imperfections on your skin. It contains moisturising and conditioning ingredients that prepare your skin for a gorgeous golden tan.

Why should you choose this lotion?

  • Double bronzers. The rich components with bronzing ingredients, such as DHA and Erythrulose, ensure immediate and deep tan results for darker legs after just one sunbed tanning session.
  • Tanning bed lotion for legs. Our extra bronzing formula helps to even out skin tone and hide imperfections while firming and conditioning your skin, leaving your legs soft, smooth, and tan ready.
  • For hard-to-tan body parts. This sunbed tanning lotion was created especially to provide dark colour for hard-to-tan body areas. While other lotions can be less effective and leave some areas paler than others, Sexy Legs leaves no place unbronzed!
  • Ultra-light formula. The revolutionary white sunbed bronzing lotion is fast-absorbing and guarantees streak-free results. Our sun tan enhancer gives you even bronze skin without any imperfections or orange tint.
  • Skin conditioning blend. Our indoor sunbed tanning lotion with bronzer is packed with moisturising ingredients that prepare your skin for a gorgeous golden tan. Silk and Coconut Oil work to soften your skin and achieve a healthy glow. Coffee and Yerba Mate improve firmness.

Volume: 150 ml

Fragrance: Walk on Clouds (light fresh fragrance).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Carole Snead

Did exactly what it said it would do and gives you a quick tan on your kegs

Great stuff!

This lotion works great. My legs are so hard to tan and this helps tremendously where other tanning lotions haven't been able. Bonus is that it's got a really nice smell, not overwhelming. I'll definitely be buying this again.


Leaves you silky and nice color

katy m.
Non-greasy, non-stain, non-smelly.

This lotion is super creamy, a little goes a long way, and great result for Ben after the first use! Definitely a fan of this product…… and I’ve tried them all.


So mad at myself for not noticing the description when it comes to size! I always buy Onyx tan lotions. Love them all, so when I wanted to try something different I went for the Sexy Legs lotion. Which btw I used all over. Not just legs.Super disappointed when I saw the size (my fault for not reading the description) it’s just a bit bigger than a tube of toothpaste. ( regular Onyx is 8 oz and this one is 5oz) BUT OMG I LOVE THE RESULTS!!!! If you can afford it then definitely GO FOR IT!Incredible super rich deep dark color!Will buy again for sure!