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Onyx Suncolada - Triple Enhancer Bronzer with Maximizes Dark Tan Results

Onyx Suncolada - Triple Enhancer Bronzer with Maximizes Dark Tan Results

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Treat yourself to a bit of happiness! Suncolada is a sun cream designed to spice up every tanning session! This tanning lotion will make your skin incredibly dark while the Happy Skin formula will provide a relaxing effect.

Why is this sun tanning lotion so special?

  • Triple bronzing power. Suncolada sunbed cream with a complex of three bronzing ingredients DHA, Erythrulose, and Cocoa Butter maximizes your tanning results.
  • Happy Skin formula. A beautiful tan isn’t everything, right? Our Suncolada sun tan enhancer with the innovative Happy Skin formula provides an anti-stress effect that will boost your mood.
  • Your favourite oils. The combination of Coconut Oil, Monoi Oil, and Macadamia Oil guarantees an amazing nourishing and smoothing effect.
  • Fruity mix. Fruit extracts help to maintain an adequate level of skin hydration, and accelerate the skin regeneration process.
  • Pineapple happiness. The fresh scent of juicy pineapples will put a smile on your face during each tanning session.
  • Application. Spread the sunbed cream evenly onto the skin before each tanning session until lotion is fully absorbed.

Size: 251 ml

Scent: Pinacolada (pineapple).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Great product

This is a great product and the 2nd time I’ve purchased it

Amazon Customer
Pricey but works!

I've used cheaper products rather work, but this does make you more bronze. I use in tanning bed only. Smells very fruity.

Konrad Summers
Es ist ok !!

Ich habe die Creme genommen da Leider die She Creme leider nicht mehr zur zeit da ist Geruch ist gut sie zieht auch schnell ein und Fette nicht das ist Positiv aber die Wirkung ist bei weiten nicht so gut wie die She oder He Creme für den Preis ist sie mir nicht gut genug .Kann man nehmen aber gibt besser Geruch Top aber die wirkung ist leider nicht so 5 mal genommen und muss sagen ja geht .

Great value for price

Was looking for an alternative option to spending $80 at the tanning salon. Smells great and works well. Product is a bit thin so you need to use a bit more but overall good value for the price.

Smells amazing!

If you’re looking for a tropical light sent this lotion is perfect. It goes on thick. It does create a nice little bronze color and it smells amazing. You will smell like you’re sitting on the coconut beach next to the sea.