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Vibe - Sunbed Intensifier for Extreme Skin Moisturizing

Vibe - Sunbed Intensifier for Extreme Skin Moisturizing

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This sunbed cream accelerates and deepens your tan in the blink of an eye. With this tan accelerator, you get proper hydration, wonderfully nourished skin, and a lack of signs of aging. Get tanned with this tan intensifier and enjoy your beautiful dark-tanned and glowing body!

Why is this tan intensifier so special?

  • Dark tan. White sunbed tanning lotion with tan accelerator and absolutely no bronzer for the perfect tan. 
  • Rapid tan. A faster and darker tan thanks to a melanin boost from this sunbed tanning accelerator.
  • Silicone emulsion. Soft and smooth skin thanks to a blend of silicone packed in this sunbed accelerator.
  • Anti-orange formula. Perfect tan without any stains or streaks, and no orange tones.
  • Tattoo care. Nourishing ingredients work as tattoo protectors during your tanning session.

Volume: 200 ml

Fragrance: Pure Harmony (fresh fruity and floral tones with a touch of vanilla).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Melissa Caulder
Great product!!!

It's very moisturizing. Great intensity!!! Love it!!! ❤️

Felicia Glace
Love this lotion

This lotion seems to work really good its my favorite for tanning. It smells good. It dont leave you greasy but it leaves your skin hydrated for me even into the next day. And it gave me a nice bronze color within a week or so. I am dark, however I would like to be even darker and I can't seem to get any darker with it.

Amazon Customer
Burnt smell

I have an even dark color using this lotion even after my second day I noticed a color change. I do notice the after tan smell with is lotion. The smell is enough that I often feel the need to shower off after tanning.

Tracie W
Good smell

Smells nice. Depending on your size and how many times you tan, it tans you for a month.

Alicia Miller
Works quickly

I was going to Hawaii and started my pre-tan later that I should have. I found this and after the first session I could already see the difference and by the end of the week I was perfectly tan for my beach vaca!