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See what cosmetics for tanning beds conquered the hearts of tanning lovers in 2021. Check out our best tanning lotions in 2024! Our favorites include a triple bronzer for legs – the strongest black bronzer we have ever created, and a bronzing accelerator for the face. We will also suggest an answer to the question: Which tanning lotion should I use and what cosmetic tanners to use.

Best indoor tanning lotions in 2024

If you have doubts about which tanning product to choose in a tanning bed, then keep on reading to find your favorite among the bestsellers of 2024. Check out what thousands of people have loved and see for yourself whether you share their opinion! Who knows, maybe you'll find your favorite here? Onyx tanning lotions - that's what you are looking for!

What tanning lotion is best for tanning beds?

Black Caviar is one of our best and strongest bronzers. But what does a tanning bronzer do? First of all, it gives a dark tan almost immediately after application. To enhance the effects, you can use it in the tanning beds or as an outdoor tanning lotion, and a few hours later you can enjoy your even dark tan with smooth and glowing skin.

How to tan legs faster?

Legs are always the most difficult to tan because of less melanin in the skin. If you are also struggling with tanning your legs, this tanning product will solve your problem. How to tan your legs quickly? Sexy Legs is our bestselling triple bronzer for legs and hard-to-tan body parts that guarantees an even tan. Sexy Legs is a white bronzer. What is a white bronzer for tanning beds? These tanning lotions do not contain dyes, but their white texture carries strong amounts of DHA and erythrulose, ensuring an even dark tan without stains or streaks. What’s more, Sexy Legs nourishes the skin and helps fight the first signs of aging. No wonder this lotion is a women's favorite!

Tanning lotions for face

The skin of the face is very fragile and needs extra protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. Tanning lotion for the face is an ultimate must-have for every tanning enthusiast. How to tan your face? Is a frequent question that we get. Well, the best way is to use the right tanning lotions for tanning beds. Anti-Aging seems to be your best tanning lotion for face – it improves skin firmness and gives it a youthful glow. On top of that, it speeds up the tanning process, so you can shorten your tanning session in the solarium. Your skin will thank you!

Onyx's bestsellers speak for themselves. Trust tanning lovers and find your favorite!